iMarch to May Lootn/a
The first item to arrive was the Ciel figure and the infamous 'Muder' box. Nippon-Yasan packaged it badly and the box came damaged.
Ciel looks amazing and I'm happy to have him in my collection.
I was surprised to see that the Prince of Tennis cups have lids but I do like that they have lids. I don't think that I'll be using them since I have a lot of cups.
I went a little overboard and bought more Yuri on Ice merch. The charappuccino keychains are adorable.

These two were my favorites of the pencil boards and I had to get them.
The Naruto straps were from Rakuten. I mainly bought them because I'm trying to add more stuff to my Sasuke collection.

I like the design of the clear files.

I think that the figures are adorable.

I was excited that Naruto was getting a nendoroid.

Naruto looks great. I can't wait until I get Sasuke.

This is going to my clear file collection. I do have some clear file folders so it'll be organized.

I love the look of the pinched keychains.

Here are more of the clear files. I love the Hello Kitty collaborations.

The Amuro felt mascot and Mimikyu keychain were from cdjapan. I had points that was going to expire soon.

I bought these items from Hobby Search when they were doing the bargain bin sales. I wasn't expecting the France cushion to be as big as it was, but I like it.

Thanks for reading.

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09 päivää sittenMugiwaraPiratesMugiwaraPirates
Very nice loot! That Naruto Nendoroid looks so good! I am planning to buy it as well, but it is quite expensive right now unfortunately :(
010 päivää sittenDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
What an amazing haul! :) I love reading blog posts like this! ^^ I'm super jealous of your Yuri on ice pencil boards and keychains, they are super adorable! ^-^
010 päivää sittenKirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
nice loot! :)



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