iTOMxMFC Giveawayn/a    Lukioiden valinnat (2017-06-20)

21 päivää sittenMisuziMisuzi
Here goes nothing ;_;
04 päivää sittenneohybridkaineohybridkai
Awesome, good thing I already have TOM account
04 päivää sittenjtran117jtran117
04 päivää sittensakakaweasakakawea
This looks awesome! Btw, is there a way to confirm if our entry was accepted?
14 päivää sittenSaurfangSaurfang
Gorgeous figure, good luck everyone!
04 päivää sittenTeaspoon24Teaspoon24
Yay! I really like this version of Racing Miku.
04 päivää sittenShojobitchShojobitch
I've only had $3 or $5 dollar spins and this is what I'd buy if I'd won a big one so keeping everything crossed!! Best of luck to everyone xxx
04 päivää sittenqmxangelqmxangel
Ahh !! This is so generous of TOM, and they're already amazing as is whenever you order from them. Good luck everyone!! :)
05 päivää sittenHaruNoSekaiHaruNoSekai
Thanks a lot for this giveaway ! good luck for all !
05 päivää sittenheketorheketor
I love this figure so much... Thank you TOM! and MFC!
05 päivää sittenKopycatKopycat
Jesussss!!! She looks gorgeous. Hope I win. Just entered right now :)
05 päivää sittenlaketicalaketica
going for it!!! awesome giveaway, she's so pretty =)
05 päivää sittenmariijanemariijane
aw man TOM you rock so much. i always love your giveaways!
05 päivää sittenMugenTenshinFRDMugenTenshinFRD
Nice giveaway! We don't see figure giveaways too often.
Entered! Good luck to everyone~
06 päivää sittenDBZRuss25DBZRuss25
This is amazing. And very nice of Otaku mode. I'm glad to be part of this community :)
06 päivää sittenvictorissocutevictorissocute
oh NICE!
06 päivää sittenSnarklesSnarkles
Hey that's nice, I was just on the site... I had some internet issues the other night and my 71 points of TOM points expired without me being able to renew. T_T Good luck peeople~
06 päivää sittenDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
This is honestly really generous! ^-^ Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and good luck to everyone who enters! <3
06 päivää sittenGlauganGlaugan
Wow, that's really nice!
I don't have any figures, but I have a lot of Gundam models, unfortunately I don't have a good camera to post pics in the site.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a figure!
06 päivää sittenYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
thank you for the advice!

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