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This is a club for people to discuss any Naruto-related merchandise, particularly figures.
If anybody comes across a Naruto-related item that has not been linked to this club, please comment below for us to link it! This club is still under construction, all suggestions welcomed!

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Latest Naruto Updates on MFCLast Updated by OroHaku on 16/09/2014

Photo's have been released of Tsume's latest figure *drumroll please*: Orochimaru!!!
Personally I am very excited ^^ He is said to be released in 2015.

Pre-orders have opened for these three Megahouse Chimi Mega Sofbi item #236439, item #237190, and item #237192.
These cuties can be used as sneaky piggy banks to keep your much needed collector funds safe, and are set for an early December release.

Pre-orders have also opened for the new Megahouse Petit Chara Land set,
Kuchiyose! Naruto to Akatsuki Hen Part 2 item #220984.
They are planned for a late November release.

Pre-orders have opened for the new Megahouse Petit Chara Land set,
Kuchiyose! Naruto to "Akatsuki" Hen Part 1 item #220983.
They are planned for a late October release.

Tsume has recently impressed us all with announcing not one, not two, but 4 new Naruto pieces. The much anticipated Itachi HQS item #176200 was very quick to sell out, and it is no wonder with that extraordinary recreation of his Susanoo.
HE IS NOW BACK UP FOR PRE-ORDER! Get him whilst you can ^^

The three X-tras announced: Kakashi item #204788, Shikamaru item #214689 and Madara item #216432 are all still available for pre-order.

Gecco's 1/6 Naruto figure item #165927 is now available at several websites for pre-order. This version does not include a Hokage coat, but has been shown to have at least 3 alternate poses and has been applauded for it's likeness to the character. It is due for release in November.

Gecco's has made a Hokage Naruto 1/6 Scale as an exclusive item for SDCC2014! item #213632 What are your thoughts on this release? How would you fare it with MegaHouse's rendition of this particular Naruto?


MegaHouse has painted their G.E.M. ANBU Kakashi item #189856 though I feel somewhat trivial about why his scarf is coloured green and not red? Nonetheless HE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I'm sure all of your wallets will be HAPPY to open up in mid September when he releases!
Counterfeits of the X-tra Sage Naruto 1/10 Scale by Tsume have begun production. Being a limited piece, please be wary of where you purchase this item. Refer to my earlier review (located in club archives) for close images of the legitimate product.



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15 kuukautta sitten (1 kuukautta sitten)OroHakuOroHaku
SnidgetGirl (5 kuukautta sitten) #22350528Hi there
I was pondering on whether this club is still active?

To be honest, not really, and it hasn't been for a long time because I haven't been active on MFC or collecting in general, however I plan to update this page as soon as uni break starts.
05 kuukautta sittenSnidgetGirlSnidgetGirl
Hi there

I was pondering on whether this club is still active?
11 vuotta sitten (1 vuotta sitten)DezzyCakesDezzyCakes
Hello, I'm selling my Naruto collection. It's on eBay [ext link ] if you want to see it. I'm sorry if this can't be in here, I'll remove my comment if necessary. Thank you. Edit 5/22/16 still selling
21 vuotta sitten (1 vuotta sitten)RikudouRikudou
Loving my Naruto and Sasuke by Tsume!

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Hosting box split. Comment on post if interested in them.
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How to join this group?
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02 vuotta sittenbleh10bleh10
Hello guys ! i need help from the Naruto fandom <3 i need a good looking gaara figurines ! i cant find any good ones :/ please help ^^
02 vuotta sittenflipmodeflipmode
Hello I'm new to this and not really good at searching for statue maybe I can get help here I'm really looking for the toynami sasuke ultimate chidori statue does anyone have one for sale or know of any any info will help thank yoy
02 vuotta sittensakashisakashi
Please check out my cover of Harmonia!

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