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What is Touken Ranbu?
Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) is an online web browser game by DMM and Nitroplus. Players assume the role as a Saniwa sage (審神者) who traveled into the past to destroy all evil that desired to change the course of history. As a sage, you have the ability to bring life into inanimate objects, including famous historical swords. Your duty is to bring these blades to life, create an army, and defeat the enemies!
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The club's main goal is to promote the Touken Ranbu fandom in the mfc community and gives you updated news related to the fandom, ranging from game, event and merchandise.

Orange Rouge>>> [ext link ] <<<

GSC Official Touken Ranbu Page>>> [ext link ] <<<

You can request to GSC for more Touken Ranbu nendoroid, figure and other merchandise of the character you desire.
>>> [ext link ] <<<

Updated News:


-More details for the new sword Kikkou Sadamune:[ext link ]

-The two currently known swords will have their new kiwame form soon, but currently its a silhouette of the two swords in their kiwame form as a teaser. Will provide more details as the two swords in kiwame form officially revealed soon. But here is the teaser for the two swords in their new kiwame form:[ext link ]


Orange Rouge Shishiou is up for pre-order at Goodsmile Online Shop between August 23 until September 21.


-Another new sword recently revealed, his name is Kikkou Sadamune. He is an uchigatana sword type. He was named after the engraving on its tang, a chrysanthemum within a hexagon which resembles a tortoiseshell (亀甲菊花文). Made in an elegant Sadamune style, he is a young man as beautiful as a white chrysanthemum. He extremely believes in the supremacy of his master.

Will provide more details as more information will be available soon. But for now, here is the official artwork for Kikkou Sadamune:[ext link ]


-A new trailer for incoming anime Touken Ranbu Hanamaru:[ext link ]


-Information for the two new swords are available now. Here is the following two new swords:

Oodenta Mitsuyo [ext link ]
-He is a tachi sword type.
-According to his book description, he was kept in a warehouse for a long time.
-He was regarded a spiritual blade able to cure illnesses if left at someone's bedside.
-His name "Mitsuyo" comes from the swordsmith who made the sword name Miiketenta Mitsuyo.
-Also one of the Tenka Goken.
-Currently one of the highest sword rarity in the game.

Sohayanotsurugi [ext link ]
-Also a tachi sword type.
-He was a copy of Sakanoue's treasured sword.
-Was owned by Tokugawa Ieyasu, he was buried alongside with him to be his spiritual sword in afterlife.
-He was also made by Miiketenta Mitsuyo, the swordsmith who made Oodenta Mitsuyo, was also his brother.
-He is the replica of Sakanoue No Tamuramaro's sword "Sohayanotsurugi".

For more information about the two new swords, you can visit the official Touken Ranbu english wiki for the two new swords. Here is the following link:

Oodenta Mitsuyo: [ext link ]

Sohayanotsurugi: [ext link ]


-Tantou sword-type Aizen Kunitoshi officially have his Kiwame form. Check out his new Kiwame form:[ext link ]


-Maeda Toushirou now have Kiwame form. For more details, here is the link:[ext link ]


-Orange Rouge Heshikiri Hasebe was also revealed last summer wonfest, but there is a sign that no picture taking on the figure. If you really want to see him, here is the prototype of him:
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Note: If the image above is needed to remove for some reason, please PM me or comment here in this club and I'll remove it.


New Touken Ranbu scale figures and nendoroids announcement:

- Mikazuki Munechika Awakening version:item #464625

- Urashima Kotetsu:item #464613

- Hizamaru:item #464623

- Higekiri:item #464618

- Nikkari Aoe:item #464616

- Nendoroid Izuminokami Kanesada:item #464636

- Nendoroid Horikawa Kunihiro:item #464635

- Nendoroid Yamatonokami Yasusada:item #464633

- Nendoroid Co-de Kashuu Kiyomitsu Hanamaru version:item #464640

- Nendoroid Co-de Yamatonokami Yasusada Hanamaru version:item #464637

New Prototype revealed:

- Nendoroid Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
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- Nendoroid Sayo Samonji
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- Nendoroid Ookurikara
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- Nendoroid Co-de Mikazuki Munechika Awakening version
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- FigFix Mikazuki Munechika Uchiban version
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Colored Prototype:

- Shishiou
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- Gokotai
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- Monoyoshi Sadamune
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- Nendoroid Co-de Mikazuki Munechika Uchiban version
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- Nendoroid More: Parts Case - Konnosuke
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More details for Kikkou Sadamune is available now, and the two known swords will also have their kiwame form soon.
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Another new sword revealed at official Touken Ranbu named Kikkou Sadamune. Check out his official artwork.
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A new trailer for Touken Ranbu Hanamaru recently released. You can check it out.
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The information for the two new swords is already available. You can check it out on this club.
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The official Touken Ranbu twitter account recently revealed two new swords that will be available on game soon. I put a link for their official images on this club, you can check it out if you want. If you know any information about the two new swords, you can pm me or share it here in the comment.
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iced_wine (1 vuotta sitten) #13321432very nice to have a centralized go-to resource page for all the TR figs~!

Thanks, glad you like it. This club's goal is to support the Tourabu fandom in mfc community and provide latest news related to the fandom, so I made a summer wonfest list in this club specifically for all Tourabu figures and other merchandises.
21 vuotta sitteniced_wineiced_wine
very nice to have a centralized go-to resource page for all the TR figs~!
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Good day mfc community,

I officially convert this club into a "Touken Ranbu on the Go" formerly "Touken Ranbu Fanclub". The club will focus more on updating news related to the fandom. The club is just almost the same, I only change the club's icon, and currently Konnosuke will be the club's new and official icon. I made Konnosuke as a club's icon because this club host the latest and exciting news and event related to the fandom, so you're always be updated and aware, just like Konnosuke on game how he appears and reminds you. Hope you like the club's new concept.

Touken Ranbu on the Go


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