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For fans of Ryo and huke's Black Rock Shooter.
Join if you're a fan of Black Rock Shooter the song, the character, the upcoming anime or just the figures.

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022 päivää sitten (22 päivää sitten)OliverOliver
I just finished my 1/8 Dead Master garage kit! I have more pictures on my profile if you're interested :P

(mfc link)[]=uploadedBy%3AOliver&context[]=albumId%3A32435
04 vuotta sittenYummerlyYummerly
Erm, not to be rude (and if I am, I'm truly sorry) but I've had another BRS club going for over a year now that's a bit more active, I'm also looking for active mods to help add BRS images to the picture database if anyone is interested. (Preferably someone who is a true fan of the series).

club #614
04 vuotta sittenkentomusashikentomusashi
Love the figmas, got a few.
05 vuotta sittenmeteorstormedmeteorstormed
Gotta be honest here. Love the designs, REALLY love them, and the general aesthetic is fantastic, but goooood lord I could not make it further than two episodes into the godawful anime series.

Definitely staying for the figure though.
05 vuotta sittend4m13n84d4m13n84
Hi newbie here, feel free to browse my gallery for BRS collection I snap~
05 vuotta sittenPaymonDanapourPaymonDanapour
Alright who is excited for the insane black rock shooter nendroid!!! Gawd it looks so badass :P
05 vuotta sittenkeshiiruekeshiirue
I'm a newbie! Hello! Black Rock Shooter! What a bad ass! I love her! I am looking for a Nendoroid BRS, I just got my first Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka.Ooh my goodness they are absolutely cute as hell. <3 Anyway I love BRS. Series was pretty awesome after the whole middle school age shock at first.
05 vuotta sittenfuwafuwafuwafuwa
itsame00 (5 vuotta sitten) #931191Ehhhh, she looks loli to me, so ya...(DEM BOOBS)

well she is in middle school haha. nothing but love for BRS from me!
05 vuotta sitten (5 vuotta sitten)itsame00itsame00
Fred4rkWhy??? O.o
I love BRS and her variants. <3

Ehhhh, she looks loli to me, so ya...(DEM BOOBS)
05 vuotta sittenFred4rkFred4rk
itsame00BRS sucks.... Only Black Gold Saw and Dead Master is good! (´・ω・`)
Why??? O.o
I love BRS and her variants. <3

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