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Sbab (22 tuntia sitten) #22550329View spoilerHide spoilerEpuisante physiquement à cause de la chaleur des derniers jours, et épuisante moralement à cause des mauvaises nouvelles qui se sont accumulées... mais bon, faut s'accrocher ^^'

La canicule m'a aussi mise sur les rotules. Des mauvaises nouvelles? rien de trop grave j'espère. Courage pour la semaine qui vient. Tu auras peut-être la figurine.

J'ai ouvert item #464702 en milieu de semaine. L'assemblage a pris un peu de temps, mais elle est vraiment très belle. Je n'ai pas grand-chose à redire, Koto a fait du très bon boulot. Sur bien des points, la qualité est meilleure que celle de Daisy item #153069. Beaucoup ont cru que Ai était en fait une Miku et quand on voit la RC 2017, on ne peut pas trop le leur reprocher. Sa tenue pourrait d'ailleurs convenir à une RQ... En fait, sur les 5 designs "Fairy Garden" devenus figurines (Daisy, Annabel item #235633, Freesia item #292975 et Aigan item #457057, je trouve que celui d'Ai est le plus abouti. J'aime bien les couettes et le Ahoge en forme de trompe de papillon. Pareil pour le dessin des ailes qui rappelle des circuits électroniques - parfait pour Ai on Line. J'attends Aigan de pieds fermes maintenant (sa tenue me fait trop craquer)! Comme je l'ai groupée avec Cyan item #464733, je vais devoir patienter un peu plus, mais ça ne sera sûrement pas aussi long que pour Mio!
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Selling this + item #293633 together NEW for 10€ + shipping from Germany (buyer covers PayPal fee)
36 minuuttia sittenBunniLoopBunniLoop
Selling this + item #293644 together NEW for 10€ + shipping from Germany (buyer covers PayPal fee)
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I feel ya. When I first saw her on Nippon Yasan, months back, I was like "must have her!". Saw the price, darn it. It gets more and more depressing when the never going to have her list gets bigger n bigger.

MC707 (5 kuukautta sitten) #17775196Mother of the lord. For anyone with the right pockets, they got her at NY for 17k.
[ext link ]
Admittedly, she looks gorgeous. Another one for the never gonna have her list.
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YankeeAllStars (3 tuntia sitten) #22597933Sorry but you just lost all credibility with your so called research when you claim that there are "bigger figmas" called RAH's. Figma is a specific series made by Max Factory and distributed by GSC. RAH's are not "bigger figmas"... They are RAH's, nothing more. So before you call people's posts stupid and tell them to research first, you should do some research yourself so that you don't make idiotic comments and not being able to understand the difference in two famous figure series.I like how you cherry picked that one sentence, ignored all my other points and then say that i've lost all credibility. Of course i know the difference between Figma and RAH, i used RAH as an example. I thought it was fairly obvious (with the way i replied) that i didn't literally mean that RAH's are bigger figma's.

My point was that both Figma's and RAH's are action figures and if you need a bigger than figma figures then there already are RAH figures as an alternative option.

Btw did you know that the Madoka Magica RAH's were manufactured by GSC and Max Factory together with Medicom?
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Majikaru-Rin (6 tuntia sitten) #22595016You do need to pay at the time you place the order, yes :3
You can add the items you want in the cart and estimate the shipping cost as well which is also helpful if you're on a budget.

Thank you for your reply :)
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Shimakaze69 (7 tuntia sitten) #22594398Yeah, I know what it looks like. Someone posted pictures the day after I asked. And I have no idea what /a/ is.

[ext link ]

Why am I not surprised?
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haragurotan (3 tuntia sitten) #22598160Looking for a new home for him! sale #130997

Sent a PM earlier.
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Any figure I buy since custom likes to slap around €20-40 on top of the figure+shipping
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Are they on stock in Animate-online shop again? (can't read Japanese unfortunately, but Google translator showed them as "in stock")
[ext link ]
If someone can confirm me this, and if they would happen to know if there's a way to order a set I'd be most grateful!
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Stockos64 (47 minuuttia sitten) #22600407tasty benis :::::DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
47 minuuttia sittenStockos64Stockos64
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sarisaria (8 päivää sitten) #22283549thank you for accepting! and for the Rin (*´ω`*)
Rin is always great!
58 minuuttia sittenkurokyosukekurokyosuke
I wonder if the Outer Wear (cropped jacket) will be removable.
Also, dammit, now I don't know if I want to keep the prize figure Matoi when this comes out...
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Level4Chaos (3 tuntia sitten) #22597527Thank you! I've never swapped any of my Nendoroids' parts, but I'll definitely remember your great advice!
Ah! Are chipped noses a common thing in the BJD world? That would explain why everyone I see who has one treats them like they're made of glass. That would be heartbreaking to damage something so beautiful.
Chipped fingers, broken noses from falls, and the fact that their paintjobs and eyelashes are delicate are common concerns, but not necessarily a common occurrance since I think most bjd owners are careful. The dolls cost a lot of money, and anything extra like clothes and furniture adds to that. So since its a huge investment, I value them very highly and they are basically irreplaceable. Actually mine literally are, since the company that makes those models went out of business. Assuming I could replace the head, it would be $80 plus another $50 to have it painted. Resin also varies in color due to each batch produced having a slightly different tint, and also age changes the color (and intense sun damages the color.) So new parts don't match.

whoops sorry to go on like that! I just wanted to give you some bjd insight lol. I worry about damage when I'm moving them, posing them for photos, or if they need to get packed up and taken some place. Some dolls have better balance than others tho. I don't trust people so generally only I can touch them. But its ok to politely ask if you can touch or pick up a someone's doll, everyone is different. ^^ Den of Angels has doll horror stories threads. one time at a doll meet a rude person eating Cheetos came up and took a doll without asking. I would die! D8
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Got her new at 10k yen from mandarake. The ultimate holy grail for anyone started collecting before 2010 and used to be sold above 500k. Details might not be as good as the top ones today but putting in the context of the whole setup this is still one of the very best figures. Fair to be the #1 rated figure on mfc atm.
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The art looks really really good. I have high hopes for this. It'll be tough choosing between this and Sega's prize figure.
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Welcome to MFC! Enjoy your time here! :)
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I assume its this one as it says volks..

35k at manda
[ext link ]

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