2 tuntia sittenkevinlowlkevinlowl
Coffee (4 tuntia sitten) #29786034Ah well, you know
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://image.ibb.co/n5nLc6/Untitled_1_copy.png
You can also make it the default tab by going to the front page settings.
Not gonna argue against the inactivity of the forums though.
There's probably only around a handful of active threads.

thanks dude, I overlooked that part of the frontpage
2 tuntia sittenpyokopyoko
SkyBlue (13 tuntia sitten) #29773051What season was it when you went last year? Yup, I really happy I get to walk the nightingale floors that I've been reading about in novels! Sure, the DRRR!! vending machine is beside Lashinbang, the one near ACOS and Animate Cafe (the old Animate, not the new flagship store) ^^
We went in May. I think that it is a nice time for visiting Japan; neither too hot nor too cold :D
Thanks for telling me the location. I like the Drrr series a lot.
2 tuntia sittenWolfragniumWolfragnium
Absolutely adorable!
2 tuntia sittenDervalananaDervalanana
Attempting to get your attention once again: any way you could clear some space in your inbox so I can talk to you about buying one of your items? I'd love to be able to get is as a christmas gift for my friend, but I'm worried we'll end up running short on time :-X
2 tuntia sittenAluminaAlumina
View spoilerHide spoilermonkiidirufi (1 päivää sitten) #29761043Sorry lol, I've read through the rules again, and I think I have it this time! Please invite me again!

Could you please make that you looked at all the rules? I checked and I still can't send an invite yet. Again there's a secondary action (other than reading the rules) that needs to be done. If you need some assistance, please send me a PM and I'll try to point you in the right direction.
2 tuntia sitten (2 tuntia sitten)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
I'm torn. She turned out super cute, but I really, really don't like fabric on action figures, so the threads on the bells are a huge turnoff. However, unlike with Snow 2016, the figma version's not as (or more) appealing. Hrm...
2 tuntia sittenAluminaAlumina
View spoilerHide spoilerSnowingsakura (20 tuntia sitten) #29765904I've read the rules and agreed to them.I would like to join please! Thank you!lemonaderoses (16 tuntia sitten) #29769372Hello! I've read the rules and I agree to follow them. :)

invites sent!
2 tuntia sittenfranjandarfranjandar
Rikudou (1 päivää sitten) #29759947Absolutely gorgeous imo! I think Light looks like the manga version.
Small update from the ongoing facebook conversations, supposedly the units and price tag is confirmed to: 999 units and 579 euros. While the statue will be around 50cm tall.

Can you please provide a link to the Facebook conversation?
2 tuntia sittenxXsKuNkAyXxxXsKuNkAyXx
And with Igneel too, can’t wait to get this!
2 tuntia sittenclaisolaisclaisolais
Lapsy (9 kuukautta sitten) #18347113Rem is the new Saber now
Nah nothing is quite like saber. I've been buying her figure since ten freakin yrs ago. Doubt Rem would last the long on the market.
2 tuntia sittenmnprncmnprnc
Not sure for how long this will last, but rn on Otakumode you can preorder her and she will ship for free. If you're looking to save a few bucks, I'd snag this deal if I were you!
2 tuntia sittenhugtowerhugtower
Kaneel (1 päivää sitten) #29741616Welp, that came unexpected, first a delay by three months and now this.
Merry early christmas i suppose.

Have you ever seen that happen before? I'm really shocked
2 tuntia sittenR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
DYRL (3 tuntia sitten) #29807286Anyone notice the break on the right side of her hair?

Fam, if you mess up on the promotional shot, they'res no hope for the finished product

It's a prize figure. I know the crapshoot I'm getting into.

As for the break(s) in her hair-- by which I assume you mean the spaces between the pigtail ribbons and her head?-- they don't bug me.
2 tuntia sittenFallen-CloudFallen-Cloud
Siona (2 tuntia sitten) #29812933They didn't provide that infos yet but it would be around 100euros, a little more ;).

Okay, thank you! That miiight just be manageable...now I regret some of my pre-orders that come out next year, hah. ^^'
2 tuntia sittenjohntheo95johntheo95
Selling her.New and unopened.Stored in cupboard.No smoke or pets.
Pm for info.
2 tuntia sittenSionaSiona
Fallen-Cloud (3 tuntia sitten) #29811305Do you happen to know the price tag for each installment if you happen to choose a 5 month plan?

They didn't provide that infos yet but it would be around 100euros, a little more ;).
2 tuntia sittenGandalfGandalf
FaytTheCount (15 tuntia sitten) #29771317Im torn between this and the Alter x Aniplex one, the same for Utaha and Megumi I know how much this is but I fear the price for Alters is going to be higher and have a longer release date because its Alter. Sigh decisions decisions.

Which one are you referring to, I can't seem to see an Alter entry in the database?
2 tuntia sitten (2 tuntia sitten)johntheo95johntheo95
thinking of selling her.unopened and new.
Pm for info.
3 tuntia sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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