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Nice as usual :D so much I wanna trade for XDDD like that Sailor Moon cake (are you keeping Chibi Moon?) and the lil Nozomi and maybe the pre-cure one >_< because my brother in law loves em XDDD.
I really need to get a list of my mecha musume stuff together for you so we can doooo this in this lifetime omg XD
Thanks for sharing! Neat box. Sad to see all those Pinky Streets now being trash, I do remember when they were IT. People made customs of anime characters that sold for hundreds and all...
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KiraYamato44 (12 tuntia sitten) #22782926
Thank you. XD the start date of the cafe is 06/16/17

Changed that too. :)
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Ahhh I'm so jealous you got the Uzuki sticker !!!
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Aww yiss small angry Russian child should be going up for PO soon :V
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Premier étage :

Figurine "fantasy gallery" akira + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine berserk guts "blood version" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Deuxième étage :

Figurine "bastard!!" arshes nei + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine saint seiya "déesse athéna" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Troisième étage :

Figurine shining ark "sakuya mode seraphim" + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine shining resonance "rinna mayfield" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Quatrième étage :

Tirage unique limité à 1530 exemplaires et numéroté du tome 1 de "wika et la fureur d'obéron" + 1 ex-libris numéroté, signé et limité à 199 exemplaires, art book hokuto no ken ultimate illustration box et 1 ex-libris.
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xNaruke (7 tuntia sitten) #22787931Seems weird quoting here but I think it's a bit personal so I'll do it on here instead of the figure page XD.
Yeah.. I don't think it will be what it was years ago.. at least not anytime soon lol. Yeah.. I used to be somewhat of a shut in but I just know that I can't stay like that forever and I needed money for my future uses XD. I just applied everywhere and landed a job. No regrets ever since then (Bought all the figs myself without parents money haha). And hey it's alright everyone struggles and need someone to talk to sometime @_@. Coincidentally enough I was dealing with a customer that had quite an attitude at my workplace and started racial discrimination on me but I stand up for myself and I didn't even realized how other customers were there to back me up and the guy ran away.. man I was so mad lol.. Anyway I hope you are alright from the surgery! You can do it!

I need to get my shit together lmao. I will probably do the same thing as you did and apply everywhere (I do that online, but that's obviously not as effective). I'm also behind in school and will have to redo another year. Rip all my friends I used to have would have graduated by now lol..
And you go girl! Fuck that dude. (I actually checked your profile and saw that you were a dude sorry man I totally judged you as a girl at first xD)
BOIIIII surgery was fun. Apparently when I woke up in the recovery room I was super loud and started crying and swearing lmao. Everything went well, it's just the after care stuff and medications I have to worry about now.(also it wasn't a major surgery compared to other ones, just got 4 teeth taken out)
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KiruKiru (3 tuntia sitten) #22792039Did you head swap them? Is that possible?
Yes.Head swap is no process:)
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Caylm (16 tuntia sitten) #22775488This is a somewhat nice surprise. Only ¥3220 for EMS. I was expecting closer to ¥4000.

This is the last time I'll ever use FromJapan for a PO. They charged me 3700円 for EMS shipping to NA. The package weighs 1.27kg total (in whatever state they ship straight from Alphamax's online webstore), which means it falls under the 1.3kg breakpoint, which is 3380円. I know it isn't an insane difference, but crap like that irks me.
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The last few months have been fairly quiet for me, which is great as it's given me the chance to catch up on some earlier things I missed out on, and concentrate more on the cd/dvd/manga side of things. Next month I'll have these little cuties on the way since I got the international release encyclopedia #122424

But since I'm outside the US it could be August before I get them, depending on when Crunchyroll releases them.

Only other items will be the latest set of Sailor Moon gashapon wands, item #563234 etc. I've ordered two boxes of 4, so hopefully I'll get all 6 wands. I love the gashapon wands and I'm so glad they made Stars season versions. But I think they're also being released at the end of the month, so realistically I won't get them till August.
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Did you head swap them? Is that possible?
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Happy birthday honokafan:-)))
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Ishy (4 päivää sitten) #22543026But they both come with poseable joints which is a nendoroid thing. So... they're like ultra lame nendoroids that barely come with anything? I'm really hopping for more solid accessories in the separate release.

They are only $23 each when bought as this set, to be fair. That's considerably cheaper than most single Nendoroids.
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I have read through all the rules and would like to join, thank you!

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