3 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
lol! bon appetit!
3 tuntia sittengundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Just saw this - what a great concept!
3 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
this is wonderful!
3 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
so nice and soft!
3 tuntia sittensarioussarious Chino is Life
azusamukami (5 tuntia sitten) #24882530So how's the quality?

Nothing released yet afaik. Just looked into it because of this figure. The rem + ram one has painted prototype.
3 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
two beauties are better than one.
3 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
this is awesome!
3 tuntia sittennaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Some stock of Stardust left at AmiAmi!

[ext link ]
4 tuntia sittenblackice85blackice85
murialita (8 tuntia sitten) #24880432I wouldn't put much stock in that NekoMagic page. They used pictures taken from ToyNavi's review [ext link ] of the original release where they did a force-castoff. They just cropped out the watermark on the pictures. You can clearly see the force-castoff on the picture of the removed clothes. Also, none of the stores I looked at have her listed as castoff. In fact, Hobby Search has the following disclaimer on her page:
※ In the product, clothing is not detachable specifications.

Well that makes me feel better at least, thanks. So now I'm back to hoping they release the other characters.

But this is why I tend not to like castoffs in the first place though, even properly made ones come with risks. I'd rather they pick a pose/design and just do a good job on it, rather than complicate it or increase the risk of damage by users.
4 tuntia sittenLeviathanXLeviathanX
Cr4zyDuck (2 kuukautta sitten) #21611362REALLY ??? A haired pussy ? For nemu's fig ????? Sorry but it's a no for me.
in this picture set is no pubic hair [ext link ] on her...

Hmmm?! Anyhow, guess I will order both...
4 tuntia sitten (4 tuntia sitten)VeneticaVenetica
Next time, if you aren't sure, check down at the bottom where it says it is shipping from. In this case it says "overseas". That's a clear indication that this item is not from Japan.

I am actually bootleg-friendly (though I don't care for direct copies, only makaizou), if this had happened to me I wouldn't just throw it away. She was cheap anyway, I'd just write it off as a loss. I also don't think it is fair to attempt any action on the seller as he/she was honest about the origins of the figure.

Paying for the item and asking the seller not to ship it is a good idea too, as you've said you want to do.
4 tuntia sittenChelinkaChelinka
Just need this one out of the set and have a spare pink bikini so looking to trade. Please PM if interested!
4 tuntia sittenrozellerozelle
TheBoyWhoNever (23 tuntia sitten) #24867900So is she released? I pre-ordered trough amiami and haven't received an email or anything?
I noticed orders outside of GSC are usually a few days late in shipping out their items. Invoice may arrive this upcoming week. :o
4 tuntia sittenXRaptor7XRaptor7
Zenmarket sucks with individual requests. I had one as well where I bought two figures at one in an auction, and I told them as soon as the auction was over to tell them not to ship one of them, they said they'll do it and then they didn't and I had to pay for the photos to confirm they hadn't...
4 tuntia sittenkuma-torikuma-tori
Bought the Persona 5 Hero Figure from KotoUS, because of the masked head and I'm can't wait for him to arrive. <3
Since all the P5 girls get a figure from other manufacturers, please Koto, be the one to give us Ryuji and Yusuke in their respective Phantom Thief outfit!
4 tuntia sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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