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Coffee (4 tuntia sitten) #29786034Ah well, you know
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You can also make it the default tab by going to the front page settings.
Not gonna argue against the inactivity of the forums though.
There's probably only around a handful of active threads.

Honestly, the term "club" makes me think of fanclub, which isn't really a place to ask a question about a shop, etc. The idea of splitting the forums into various clubs you have to join before posting never really made sense to me, actually.
The forums I've been on have a couple of main categories, consisting of sections and sometimes subsections for which threads are to be posted. Once you registered on the site, there was no need to subscribe to/join a particular place that you wanted to post on because you were granted access to everything the moment you signed up, much like the MFC blog part of this site.
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Siona (3 tuntia sitten) #29802758Payment in 5 instalments will be available (1-3-5) with the last payment when the statue is ready to ship.

Do you happen to know the price tag for each installment if you happen to choose a 5 month plan?
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Karumi (7 päivää sitten) #29477869Ah, they're all adult gang members. He's on the right here, with his brother.
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It's based on chibi art from a mini web series, which is based on a series of live action movies involving the incredibly popular J-Pop group EXILE. I believe there is also a non-chibi manga...
So as a nendo of chibi art based on a live action movie, I guess it's hard to tell he's an older, adult male. ^ ^;

Woah, never'd have thought. Thanks for the information.
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Beautiful. What accessories are you talking about if all the time in anime she is View spoilerHide spoilersitting in the library reading books ?
Puck was a big surprise.
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Hey man love your channel it always convinces me to buy figures that I'm on the edge of buying and even the ones I never even knew existed like Kuro from amakuni and now I'm looking at Kunoichi from Bikini Warriors can't wait to see the next vid you put out.
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bless. tiger paws please!
really surprised there is no Kyoka and Akutagawa nendoroids
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Anyone notice the break on the right side of her hair?

Fam, if you mess up on the promotional shot, they'res no hope for the finished product
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At this point the smart thing to do would be to wait it out, GSC's pre-order window on Spencer ends March of next year, there is a possibility that the other two will be announced and available for Pre-order before then.

In the mean time we can see if any better option pops up, but if all three are available for pre-order and none of them have discounts elsewhere then you can just pick all three up in one order to save on shipping, as three separate orders = abysmal shipping rates VS. 2k yen flat shipping in that one order for all three.

It isn't cheap by any means for a 1/7 but it's pretty fancy and at least you can save on shipping that way vs buying them one by one.

IF they don't release any of the other two until much later then it's really up to you whether you want to get it or not. IMO it's not worth unless I can get the whole set or at least see what the whole set looks like, otherwise you're gambling on the other two turning out brilliant and buying into the set without any kind of insurance.
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OptimalGorilla (5 tuntia sitten) #29785284You can get replacement faces from Daibadi. You have to email them through their site I believe. Just check their twitter for the tweet about it.

Thank you SO much for pointing this out. I found the tweet for other people who have a Lucio with a bad default faceplate: [ext link ]
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heroizumi (1 päivää sitten) #29760036View spoilerHide spoilerI just really hope the GSC figures will be nice. And I hope they make an Otabek nendo and eventually a set of figures of Otabek and Yurio, lol! I'd love to have an Otabek on a motorcycle with Yurio hangin on. XDDD
Yeah, I have to agree that Japan does focus more on 1v1 stuff for tournaments. Japan is huge on fighting games, haha. I know I've seen some single player "tournaments" at my local game center too. It was a local gaming club (I think???) doing their Taiko no Tatsujin championship, haha. They had their members playing the same couple songs and seeing who had the best score (or something like that). I also agree about the Vita/PS4 thing though. I don't really want to get a Vita just to play Otome games since I already have a PS4, hahaha. Though I suppose getting a used one would be cheap. I'm pretty sure they're region free so getting one would be easy since no one in USA wants one, LOL!
I don't talk about Japanese people and Monopoly because my friend's 14 year old son completely destroyed me and another adult friend. I have too much shame. ;__;

Maybe within the next few years Otabek will be made since companies are starting to remember Yurio exists lol. (Or, you know, GSC could stop making alternative outfits for existing characters and make other characters instead lol.)

That sounds like a fun tournament to watch. Kind of reminds me of watching DDR competitions at arcades. And yeah, I'm not sure if Sony plans on making a new handheld anytime soon? So the price for the Vita kind of hasn't moved, but buying a used one isn't too bad. Really just depends on how much storage you want.

Oh no LOL. I feel like Monopoly is one of those games where everyone has a story which is why I thought it would be interesting as an anime lol.

By the way, happy birthday! :D

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