3 tuntia sittenMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Moribundead (12 tuntia sitten) #22782930Woah, awesome collection! :o I have no Ib merchandise yet besides a doujin acrylic keychain and a half-finished custom-made Garry nendoroid. >_>
Thanks >w< Ib merchandise is sooo hard to get nowadays, I'm trying to complete my collection (of items I want, not even everything there is!) for years now and there's still a chunk I'm missing ;;
Oooooh I'd LOVE to see your custom Garry Nendo once he's finished!! *v* That's so cool that you're making one! Would be so kind if you'd let me know about him in case I miss it when you show him off, since I'm not that active on MFC anymore ;^; :)
3 tuntia sittenMasterSoraMasterSora
I have read the rules and I would to join
3 tuntia sittenTheWasabiiTheWasabii
Jason_Wander (6 tuntia sitten) #22789050Thanks that worked like a charm.
I managed to shave off a bit off the top of the peg, but also realized that the hole in the bottom of her foot was slightly blocked. Fixed both and she popped right in.

No problem. Glad I could help :)
3 tuntia sittensojasoja
I don't think he'll bargain bin.
Or else they would have managed to do that with the other Touken Ranbu figures.
So far only Munechika went that way to this degree.
They simply overproduced him imho.

We'll see.
3 tuntia sittenNaedixNaedix
Petition to make Pastel Rainbow Gay Vampire Miku a real thing
3 tuntia sittenPixelatedPixelated
Harulina (19 tuntia sitten) #22769623Still waiting for play asia send mine-.-
Waiting for mine from the. Too, emailed them but they said they don't have a confirmed shipping date yet :/
3 tuntia sittenPshygaPshyga
hahaha thanks buddy, the story will goes on for a while
horatio (10 tuntia sitten) #22785881The force is strong in this furry one. Interesting stuff you got here. Keep it up.
3 tuntia sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Reggimite! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
3 tuntia sittenFoxleafarrowheadFoxleafarrowhead
LovelyIdiot (4 tuntia sitten) #22790751Probably gonna bargain bin anyway with that price tag.

I really hope he doesn't sell well! That price is just ridiculous.
3 tuntia sittenkaezulekaezule
i want nothing, i already have way too many preorders and an ongoing space problem...but i just like so many things x~x

tho i am excited to see what native shows up with ;3
3 tuntia sittenheroizumiheroizumi
Anyone else think Otabek would hang this above his bed?
4 tuntia sittenLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
I need a regular-sized Nendoroid of this guy and the two others from the first squad. If he's popular enough to get his own scaled figure then why not a Nendo too? :/
4 tuntia sittenOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
Oh, you're welcome xD I'm glad it helped you, and good luck on your move! (:

mahou_shoujo (21 tuntia sitten) #22762369Oh boy, I'm glad I saw this. I'm moving today and had no idea how to handle these. Thanks a ton for asking this! Thank you everyone else for answers.
4 tuntia sittenLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
I shall get this. My April 2018 is still vacant.
4 tuntia sittenOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
Thank you for the advice! ^^
Originally, we were planning on hiring a moving company. The realtor originally told us that we'd be able to move in within 30 days, but that changed to two weeks. That caught us off guard, since it was such short notice. And unfortunately, all the moving companies were booked. That's why we're just going to rent a U-Haul and move everything ourselves. It's good to hear there wasn't any damage to your Detolfs, which makes me more optimistic about moving mine ^u^

Jenthehen (19 tuntia sitten) #22768963I'm sure everyone has given good advice, but I moved with detolfs and I just took out the shelves and wrapped them carefully in towels in a box. We used a moving company, but all they did was wrap the shelves in comforter type blankets with duct tape and lift them and put them in and out of the moving van. There was no damage :)
4 tuntia sitten (4 tuntia sitten)OppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
It's not an odd question at all! ^^ Personally, I put all my figures back into their original boxes. Then, I put all my figures/figure boxes into storage totes / plastic storage containers to make moving them all easier. Disassembling figures and putting them back into their boxes is definitely time consuming and a bit stressful. But I think it's worth the time and effort to assure no figures get damaged during transit. At least that's my own personal opinion. You're definitely right about one thing... moving with figures is very stressful ^^"

Hentai_Son (13 tuntia sitten) #22782911Another odd question on the topic of moving, for those with huge collections whats the best way to move mass amounts of figures? Is putting them all in the boxes the best way to go even with time and space? Moving with figures is so stressful ;v;"
4 tuntia sittenandre30496andre30496
is this a limited figure to like a number or if we preorder we will be guaranteed to get one? like is it possible for preorders to sell out?
4 tuntia sittenandre30496andre30496
which one is the yellow cushion in the koto one? Did a colored version of it appear?

Shimakaze69 (16 tuntia sitten) #22776977The prices listed are totally wrong. 17,500 for Deluxe and 15,000 for Standard.
Still went and ordered the Deluxe Version. I've never been a project backer before, and seeing some of the retarded stuff people donate money to, at least I'm getting a somewhat ecchi figure of my Ero Wifey, along with a few other goodies. And hey, if it flops I get my money back. Also since Koto screwed up their figure of her with that hideous yellow cushion and having her in that damn teal jacket this is the closest thing to a "sexy" figure of her. Hopefully FunnyKnights will get a colored proto out as well for their swimsuit version, because I damn well will be getting her too!

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