Ninoma (MFC Partner)
3 tuntia sittenButcherButcher
Pre-Ordered both, damn figures are so expensive... I wonder if I will ever be able to stop... If I ever do, what do I even do with all of these figures.. RIP $10k+
lol XD lol lol lol hahahahahshuashuashuahahahahahaha hehhehehehe
3 tuntia sittenSionaSiona
Payment in 5 instalments will be available (1-3-5) with the last payment when the statue is ready to ship.
3 tuntia sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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3 tuntia sittenShadowVIIShadowVII
Looks to be promising. Shame it's going to be limited to 777, cause like in Fairy Tail. These dragons (statues) are gonna sell out/disappear fast. Even Madara HQS was limited to 1800 :/.
3 tuntia sittenlayla-weston90layla-weston90
Damn! :( And I was so looking forward to this scale .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
But by the sounds of it I have a feeling that this figure may get canned due to the consequences of Watsuki's actions, which is a shame really....
3 tuntia sittenLivingDaylightLivingDaylight
Sorry for posting too much, but... with PVC scales being usually 13-18 k today (were 7-10 back in old days) can anyone really think figmas could still cost 2 k?

Like it or not but inflation is a thing. Economy is not static. Expecting prices freeze for ten years is unrealistic.
3 tuntia sittenBlitzarBlitzar
AnimeGuruma (1 päivää sitten) #29755950...y'all are seriously wanting a figure of a big titty futa girl sitting on a toilet with a humongous veiny penis coated in pee?

The big question is: why aren't you? If it happens more often you might want to see a doctor.
3 tuntia sittenIvanStrife123IvanStrife123
For the first pic is is very good, I am not photographer, but I like it:)
And the figure is beautiful :)
3 tuntia sittenOsomatsuOsomatsu
O.M.G I will definately order
3 tuntia sittenJason_WanderJason_Wander
Yeah, BD sales for it tanked, but at least LN sales increased.azaziel666 (4 tuntia sitten) #29786801I've heard that the source material is quite good and that there was an outrage among the Japanese netizens about how poor the anime was.
3 tuntia sitten (3 tuntia sitten)Fr101Fr101
Good Smile Company, please. I can´t wait. I need this Nendoroid right now!!!
nice pic!
3 tuntia sittenoniyoyo802oniyoyo802
MAUSTARK (3 tuntia sitten) #29793453my favorite photo of the dayGrateful...That's all I feel.
Thank you very much.
3 tuntia sittenZodier02Zodier02
If the price doesn't exceed 25000 yen, I'll get her.
I can already imagine how huge her box will be, considering all that dress and stuff.
3 tuntia sitten (3 tuntia sitten)weiwereweiwere
Great review!
I like the pairing part at the end.
3 tuntia sitten (3 tuntia sitten)LivingDaylightLivingDaylight
default_a (4 tuntia sitten) #29789967Huh... I personally think the Parfom line looks really weird. As you said, nendoroids are chibi-style and lots of people aren't into it. Putting a nendo head on a figma body is just off-putting...

To be fair it's not figma body, it's more chubby. Could looks weird online, but when you have it in your hands it's seems proportional on it's own way. Haven't played Odin Sphere, but friend of mine said Gwendolyn Parfom looks exactly like she looks in game itself. It's just that kind of style.
my favorite photo of the day

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