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Welcome to the board Ashir_747! :)

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If it does turn out to be a bootleg, then you ought to press the original seller for a refund. If he/she refuses, threaten to rat on him. I don't know much about Yahoo Auction but most selling platforms have very strict anti-counterfeiting policies and will likely side with you on the matter.
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Glorious_Showoff (1 päivää sitten) #24854928How's it going?
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I had the exact same problem and Zenmarket actually cancelled it for me. They had a very "interesting" way of describing the fact it wasn't Japanese IIRC. However, my friend had the same problem and he got the same response as you so it's a bit hit and miss.

I'd trash upon arrival. Wasteful, but at least you won't have to pay tax/shipping on it. You must read the Japanese description very carefully- not just the translated version- to double check it's not a bootleg. They often use phrasing that would appear as euphemisms to westerners.

Honestly, it was rather lucky of you in my opinion to learn your lesson on a 2500 yen figure and not a 10,000 yen one. I doubt you'll fall for the same trick twice.
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Welcome to the board nikkou! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

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well, the item description does say that the figure is an "import version", so that combined with bootleg photos means you've almost definitely purchased a bootleg, im sorry :( I don't think theres anything you can do at this point, aside from learn from the mistake. you could ship it and see if it's at least decent looking, or maybe for future use for a custom project or something similar, but the price of shipping might not be worth it - up to you! at least it wasn't too expensive, some people pay retail price or more for a bootleg!
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IDBluver (7 päivää sitten) #24625197That is not fun at all but had to be done XDXD
for me i really need a job and a place to move to, still living at home -.-
really wanna move ^^

Don't worry everything will fall into place! I started up bike riding myself on the weekends :)
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Naedix (8 tuntia sitten) #24879995
EDIT: Oh my god the ghosts are the other members of Plasmagica!

Is this the closest I'll get to having a Moa figure?
6 tuntia sittenseiyanaraseiyanara
Well well, it seems that some people don't have the shouting face but 2 identical regular faces instead. Nice QC from Medicos...
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Killax (2 päivää sitten) #24817846Heey jaa rustig aan gedaan, beetje het nadeel van door de weeks jarig zijn. Voor de rest alles goed hier hoor, andere hobbies weer even aan het volgen haha!

Jaa, ik ken het. Om die reden neem ik ook altijd een dag vrij op m'n verjaardag, anders gaat het zo aan me voorbij... Hrmm, met welke hobby's ben jij druk tegenwoordig? Ik ben zelf ook heel erg aan het minderen met figures, maar nog steeds erg enthousiast over de hobby. Het is vooral dat ik zuiniger aan moet doen met geld + dat ik vind dat ik gewoon echt te veel meuk heb, haha!
6 tuntia sittenyunomiyunomi
Why does he look so... good? I'm surprised. It's so hard to tell apart official and bootlegs nowadays.
6 tuntia sittenmoderateTroublemoderateTrouble
Bea2028 (11 tuntia sitten) #24877863I was the same as you! I started collecting Figmas and didn't understand why people liked static figures so much. But I got into MFC and... well,Figure Hell ate my soul :P
I have both racing Mikus (I absolutely adore Racing Mikus) and I LOVE them! Specially the TeamUkyo one ^*^ But the wheel is always falling and one of her twintails too :/ Do you have the same problem?

Oh that's too funny!!! I see a lot of people talking about their love of statues here, so its nice to learn someone else has had a similar experience! I haven't experienced that problem yet, however I just moved from a very dry & cool environment to a hot & humid one! So we'll see how it turns out. Thank you for the heads up about that!
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Now I finally understand why carrot a day keeps the doctor away!
6 tuntia sittenwikeswikes
PM me if selling will pay reasonable price.
6 tuntia sittenTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
I'm so late to the party with New Game, but I'm so glad that Aoba got a re-release and I ended up watching the show to order to justify buying her. I hope they keep doing more, since they've made Hifumi - I need a Kou.
6 tuntia sittenmagstamagsta
Just got him in the mail last week. He's beautiful, but anyone missing a peg for the stand??? There's like a base but with nothing to hold him onto it...
6 tuntia sittenKyleCrossKyleCross
Of course it's a garage kit...
6 tuntia sitten (6 tuntia sitten)yuriiyurii
Received mine yday. I really love the figure but I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get the exclusive wall part. I proxy ordered her from skytube on the 1st of march... apparently it's first come first served with the bonuses :/

Can also confirm that I got the postcard with my order.

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