4 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
awesome colletion and so many gigant figures.
4 tuntia sittenheekyunggx3heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
frostwonderland (7 tuntia sitten) #22788118Does the Kuroshitsuji illustration book only have uncolored sketches (idk if that's the proper term) or are there fully colored artworks as well like in the previous Kuroshitsuji art books?

Just uncolored!!
4 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
that is a fight. well done!
4 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
absoulte adorable.
4 tuntia sittenastarte952astarte952
cutie of the day.
5 tuntia sittenskylinedoskylinedo 's point missed?read 2x
Wow ill have 3 of 2loveru bunnies, im stoked! Wish momos pose was better bc im not feeling hers ...
5 tuntia sittenHeldrikHeldrik
You just know these Santa outfits will prove really useful for a lot of Nendo dioramas. Nice move on GSC's part.
5 tuntia sittenSkyBlueSkyBlue
I want it to be raining men this Summer WonFes lmfao
In my wildest dream, GSC will announce a full line-up of Nitro+CHiRAL nendoroids (Togainu, Lamento catboys,catboys,catboys, sweet pool, DMMd and Naitou-kun) along with Persona 5 casts, native will announce a bunch of original sexy boys, Max Factory reveals Noiz scale is in production, ALTAiR making scales for Persona 5 boys and the world gets to see more cute boys. Yeah please don't burst my bubble and let me dream X'D
5 tuntia sittenHeldrikHeldrik
Simple but efficient; good job.
5 tuntia sittenHeldrikHeldrik
I guess Hanayo invited American Kirby, seeing as he's fucking pissed.
5 tuntia sittenchachachowchachachow je suis gomen
Whoa, instant 'sold out'. Nice job MFC ^^;

maggie (20 tuntia sitten) #22766606Found him available from a place called XL-shop. Never ordered there, can't find many reviews for them online, order at your own risk. Maybe use paypal to have some coverage. Personally I'd wait a few more days for amiami, HLJ, BiJ, play Asia, and other stores that tend to have a few extra when stock arrives, but I figure I'd post this for those that may want it.
[ext link ] $55USD
5 tuntia sittenemosuccubusemosuccubus
item #549029 id love to see a prototype of mercy, i cant wait to preorder her...
other than that im down for anything really. last wonfes was kinda disappointing for me so i dont have super high expectations
5 tuntia sitten2hu2hu
tachola (5 tuntia sitten) #22789612i agree with ur demands for seija figures NOW as well
hell yeah
5 tuntia sitten (5 tuntia sitten)acrwbyacrwby
FoolyDooly (5 tuntia sitten) #22789447Orange Rouge will have stock enough to go around. It won't be like Native or etc. where it clearly does say "made to order" somewhere, which is good indicator to this.

Agree, definitely not like Native's exclusive and limited number, but meant more along the lines of item #330778 not limited but not excess supply, and now the price has soared. Like I said, just playing devil's advocate and wondering if GSC/OR has paid any attention to the TR line hitting the bargain bin, or will they simply produce at high number and high initial asking price, regardless of the aftermarket and 'left-over' stock.
5 tuntia sittenshiroiusagishiroiusagi
Really nice!
5 tuntia sittenLeviathanXLeviathanX
According to the picture...

"プニプニ" squishy breasts

Say what! From the bust to the hips and plump thighs, everything is soft!!!

So, I now wonder about barbie style. If I am not wrong, all their figures were Barbie style if cast-off?! (Please correct me if I am wrong) However, we see clearly detailed nipples... Hmmm...order or not...?!
5 tuntia sittenYuukiCZYuukiCZ
buttburglarrr (6 tuntia sitten) #22788694Did you have to pay upfront or is it a preorder?

The Payment was sent immediately.

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