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1 päivää sittentsubaki24tsubaki24
This was quite entertaining!! I love how she plopped/fell on the last panel. Keep it up!
1 päivää sittenkinkin
SkyBlue (3 päivää sitten) #22626380OMG I love Omegaverse too!!! I'm super curious about all of them but TRO takes the cake (is that Naki and Kogi??) and I seriously can't stop imagining what was Yurio's reaction when JJ returned to his original self while doing it lmfao Thanks so much for sharing! :D
I had the crazy idea of purchasing as many omegaverse doujinshis as I could but then I saw there were 600 up on Suruga-ya so scrapping that idea omg and yes, it's Kogitsunemaru/Nakigitsune! It's also omegaverse *___*

Aaaahh Yuri's reaction was bursting out in tears from happiness hahaha he thought he was stuck with 12 Y/O forever!
1 päivää sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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1 päivää sittenNamielNamiel Miracle∞Namiacle
everytime I see such rooms filled with stuff and things on the wall I think "my cats would destroy everything or kick it down"
1 päivää sittenYohanYohan
xNaruke (2 päivää sitten) #22673037The bunny ears tho.. why so expensive D: what? Where have you been?
1 päivää sittenYohanYohan
Shimakaze69 (3 päivää sitten) #22622131If all of you think Kashima is "thicc", then what does that make characters like Sonico? Hideous cows?

How About different levels of thicc?
1 päivää sittenMilurielMiluriel
Josine (2 päivää sitten) #22660883You know that for figures the manufacterer OR the origin have to be Japanese, right...? While Tsume is not a Japanese company, most if not all of their figures have a Japanese origin (Dragonball, Fairy Tail, Naruto, etc.) Same with Funko Pops, their Funkos with a Japanese origin are allowed in the database, and the others are not.
Nope, I didn't. That clears it up :D
1 päivää sittenkillindarlingskillindarlings
The closest I have to a sexy figure is item #198355 they just don't do much for me. I've never had any sexy figures while living with my Mom and I honestly think I was better off without them. You know that gut wrenching feeling you get when your parents finds your porn stash? I'd imagine it's kind of like that every time they enter your room and looks around at your figures.

Someone earlier mentioned letting your parents buy the tame ones while you save up for the not-so-tame figures. I think this is your best strategy for avoiding overall embarrassment. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look at pretty girls, but when you make your parents buy them it can get a little weird.
1 päivää sittenFNFictionFNFiction
Lamunan (1 päivää sitten) #22684843"was way different" .. the Levi figure.. i dont have words for it.
I dont own this Mikasa Figure but she looks kinda ok...
Her face seems kinda odd in some angles. (reminds me of some prize figures)
Prototype-Face was beautiful!

Honestly, I think the actual figure captures Mikasa's cool, calm and almost nonchalant look better than the prototype, although the prototype is prettier... If that makes sense.
1 päivää sittenLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Hi, I just sent you an invoice for the final fantasy rubber straps and in it I asked for your address. Please disregard that part, I already have your address and forgot to remove that part from the template I use. Thank you!
1 päivää sittensolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Really nice! I love seeing room posts too and yours looks nice and comfy, like a hidden sanctuary of treasures.
1 päivää sittenMariko014Mariko014
Shivamaz (2 päivää sitten) #22671801Too bad i can't order her either. I also missed the nendoroid version.

I really hope its true what i read and that the next round of preorder will be at 14 July.
We need another chance to get her! ;3
1 päivää sittenRikudouRikudou

A closer look at Slan & Conrad :)
1 päivää sittenRikudouRikudou

A closer look at Slan & Conrad :)
1 päivää sittenloveanimeloveanime
ffenris (1 vuotta sitten) #8742260Yikes, just saw the skirt cast off pics on Moeyo -- that's a pretty nasty looking seam there, any buyers will probably want to leave the skirt on for display.
I wonder if this is just the case on the prototype which moeyo reviewed, the official pix and the resin variant item #424484 show panties with front and rear "connected" on the side.
1 päivää sittenYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
Feliz cumple!! Que caigan muchos regalitos~~~
1 päivää sittenMelolusionMelolusion
Hello ^^ I've read and agreed to the rules ♡ would love to join!
1 päivää sittenTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Pancakes (2 päivää sitten) #22646590It's just that the first release didn't look at all like the prototype. This had the potential to be the best Mikasa figure, and like someone else already said, she had the best face of all.
But looking at the user pictures, I see she became one of the worst Mikasa figures.

Have to disagree - I owned this figure until I ran out of space, and she was amazing.

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