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3 minuuttia sittenULFULF
XD That is just plain awesome about your Grandmother! :D I was thinking I knew her reasoning when I got to the part with her. Easy to forget the elderly were once as we are now, and really it is just so cool she saw some of herself in Saber. The pose she has and the way she is seductively showing off her curves in her bikini is just so feminine. it strikes me and I guess her as well as the kind of pose a girl does for her beloved to show off to him. And if she was as sought after as she claimed then that would add to it. Another thing that impresses me is the appreciation for detail. I know some people, and I am pretty sure my family, would see Saber wearing a bikini and just think 'pervy figure'. The sheer amount of detail put into each curve and part of her body is amazing, her boobs are huge but sit in her bikini how big ones would, and her legs, muscles, and arms are sculpted well enough to show just how attractive she is. There is care and accuracy taken in producing this figure and i just love that someone older would appreciate that.

My Dad i dont think was okay with my collecting, probably saw it as a waste of money and geeky. My mom is generally supportive, likes to call my many Fairy Tail figures 'dancer girls' because they wear bikinis' but she can appreciate them and as far as she goes if they make me happy, and i dont spend too much at once she doesnt mind. My little brother is pretty supportive though. He likes my Halo Spartan figures and the male dbz ones more and has bought me two which RULES! But i am glad family is spread out because i dont think any of my girl cousins would like them and i KNOW none of my grand parents would approve. Even the nice two.
7 minuuttia sittenLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
kawoshin334 (4 tuntia sitten) #21593998will i ever have this :'(

If you didn't preorder then your chances are very low.
9 minuuttia sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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10 minuuttia sittenmidnightjinxmidnightjinx
Hi there; tried to send a message about the Kaito & Meiko po, but your inbox is too full. Payment request was sent today.
12 minuuttia sittenONITAICHIONITAICHI
tranks s2 FigmoeLurker (3 tuntia sitten) #21594315Great pic
14 minuuttia sittenLyLy
BIJ just shipped another pre-order within 20 minutes after accepting my payment today... while NY is sitting on my Zoro figure for one week now. 8D
17 minuuttia sittenLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
ShadowVII (2 kuukautta sitten) #19183932Got mine today! He's just a tad too wide to fit in a Detolf unfortunately. But I got him in my Besta cabinet looking awesome instead :>.

Mine fit in the bottom shelf without a problem.
17 minuuttia sittenTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Lehst (3 tuntia sitten) #21594483hey wait a sec... is Erwin actually taller? usually it is just a trick of posing or angle, but part of his legs is different than every other SnK nendo: View spoilerHide spoiler
...or is Erwin's torso a bit shorter to even it out? lol but even if that was the case, you still could put the tall legs on Armin or smth and make a taller soldier. xD
and thank god he doesn't release until Jan, got enough on order this year. ^^;;

He does look taller in the full version of that image as well.
18 minuuttia sittenLyLy
OMG BIJ shipped mine only 18 minutes after they had accepted my payment. lol NY should learn from them. 8D
25 minuuttia sittenEmilliaEmillia
akarin (20 päivää sitten) #20957232q poskets aren't that hard to get. You can find them on mandarake later on after release, esp the disney ones. But since it's YOI, I guess one can expect these to be a bit more stressful to get for a decent price.

Not sure if this was in response to my comment, but Mandarake is actually kinda a pain for me most of the time as I can usually only get EMS or DHL shipping being based in Australia, which generally makes it not worth it to order from them, especially with their shifting stock availability.
25 minuuttia sittenRychiRychi
Looks amazing
26 minuuttia sittenH4RUKAH4RUKA
I'm really surprised since Miku on her own shipped for ~3,500 yen for EMS to me but Kaito and Meiko together are only costing 4,500 yen. I was expecting way more than that.
27 minuuttia sittenagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Just paid for her and Kaito! So excited!!
28 minuuttia sittenULFULF
ShadowVII (11 tuntia sitten) #21589167That's good news!
However, I'm still waiting for mine from It seems to take an eternity before they get their stock :/. I'm tempted to cancel and try to get it elsewhere.

I was honestly tempted to see about the same thing with Kurogami where i got mine, but it doesnt seem to be worth it. It is Tsume in general just being bad about producing and then shipping this figure rather than each company's fault. Also at this point you will be very unlikely to find a place to buy this figure, never mind for the original price. I have seen some on ebay, but double what i paid on pre order.
31 minuuttia sittenmonkrymonkry
She looks so sweet!

But TBH for 20th anniv. whatsoever I imagined something grander
32 minuuttia sittensarahbearsarahbear
Dear FunnyKnights please pump it up a little bit.... I am sure EMIYA will also appreciate the enlargement!!!
It is beyond unfair that 99% of female figures are big breasted already...why can't they few male ones we get be well ENDOWED??????????????

eyy maybe he's a grower
32 minuuttia sittenZuhnaZuhna
catfairy (3 tuntia sitten) #21594241Honestly no difference but I do not have the original. The pompoms but they were a shop bonus. I wouldn't bother purchasing this one if I were you

Alright. Thank you very much. There was rumor about the nipples being darker shade as the original had very light shade unlike in the original artwork.
33 minuuttia sittenAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
She's also up for sale at (139,99€) for all my fellow german collectors.

I'm not mad though that I backed her through TOM tbh. I paid 118€ now and I'll have to pay around 22€ in customs when she arrives, which totals her at around 140€ for me, which I personally think is still very reasonable (for today's figure price standards) considering they ship her with EMS (which itself alone is usually 30-40€ for me usually). The german figure shop that offers her now has her for 140€ plus shipping, so I wouldn't even be saving plus I'd have to wait a lot longer. Soo no regrets ^^

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