1 minuuttia sittenRoboChicRoboChic
I joined her group order for a WEGO bag and working with her was fantastic! She consistently kept me updated on the bag's location with tracking and communicated with me often. Super fast shipping as well. I highly recommend her!
3 minuuttia sittenJasurimJasurim
I usually go with unreg SAL when it's an option. It usually takes a month or more to arrive for me (although ONCE it did arrive in a week haha),so if that potentially long wait doesn't bother you, I suggest going with that. Personally I've never lost anything in the mail to date and shops usually only let you have a certain amount in the order anyway, so it isn't as big of a risk.

I suppose it comes down to what you value more, the money or the peace of mind.
3 minuuttia sittenMykaMyka
yolsync (1 tuntia sitten) #20303776New info: [ext link ]

10000 yen is less than I thought he was going to be honestly. Wanna see bonus Makkachin.
7 minuuttia sittenthreeaw1threeaw1
nopopup1 (2 päivää sitten) #20162000Anyone selling this? Please let me knowselling rei asuka as a set. TT__TT
(mfc link)
8 minuuttia sittencrocatootcrocatoot
FigureDuchess (2 kuukautta sitten) #18024475The saddest part about this sentence is that there isn't even a shitty Gilgamesh scale ._.
The prize figures are good enough for static figures
BadWolfVindici (2 kuukautta sitten) #18026435And yet still not a single scale of right male Arthur from Prototype T_T And no Cu. Looks like figure making companies aren't big fans of Fate males in general. Something to do with lack of boobs, I guess.
Saber doesnt have much boob lol, Extra does but meh
npcvn (5 päivää sitten) #20044066Sooo, what happened to this figure? probs cancelled
9 minuuttia sittenMariu-JMariu-J
Has anyone got their payment request from eye on Asia, yet???
9 minuuttia sittenPVCollectorAaronPVCollectorAaron
what was her price on AmiAmi when it first went up (if there were any discounts)?
10 minuuttia sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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11 minuuttia sitten (6 minuuttia sitten)threeaw1threeaw1
Selling my Asuka and Rei Pajama Time figures.
Yeah, I like these two figures a lot. They're awesome.
Never displayed. Opened once, then carefully put back in their packaging and stored.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11493078318.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11493078320.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11493078322.jpeg

I think they sold for 12,960円 on Mandarake.
[ext link ]
They're that awesome.
They're going for $60-80 used on eBay. FOOLS!!!
I'm selling both as a set for $40 free shipping in USA. EVEN BIGGER FOOL!!!

I got them for $20 each. By selling them at that price, I'm losing money. And my soul. TT__TT
Buy them and find out why my heart will weep as I package them ever so gently in bubble wrap.
12 minuuttia sittencrocatootcrocatoot
yeah, the diecast one is WAY, WAAAAAY better. I wouldnt pay more than like $40 for the figma. now if they make the RAH on the other hand...
12 minuuttia sittenCarouselCarousel
Carousel (8 päivää sitten) #19920327If anyone is interested in my AmiAmi order let me know. I've decided to drop this figure line.

Still letting this order go. PM me if interested!
13 minuuttia sittencanetoncaneton
i use SAL for small packages that are like $20 or less usually, sometimes for single nendoroids. i only EMS/airmail if i have to tbh, but i EMS if i have to, which is kind of the worst.
15 minuuttia sitten (7 minuuttia sitten)JohnnyRayfloJohnnyRayflo
Heliodora (33 minuuttia sitten) #20307372I didn't get anything in my e-mail, I contacted them yesterday, though. I hope they just forgot and didn't actually run out of stock or mix up the order @_@

If I'm not wrong today is the last day to make the payment, hope they will let you know soon with a solution. Best of luck!
19 minuuttia sittenKalasRavenKalasRaven
Why did registered SAL become unavailable?? That's so upsetting! D: If it's a money saving thing I think unregistered SAL is best if it's a small package or something not too expensive, just on that chance that it could get lost. Use airmail if it's something you wanna get fast and protected. I guess it can be different for each item you order.
20 minuuttia sittenGirlCollectorGirlCollector
My first reaction is to panic and maybe cry a little from frustration once I realize it's actually broken, then desperately attempt to put the broken piece back on...

Even if I succeed in the repair, I know it's broken and so I ultimately end up selling it. x( I realize that doesn't make much sense, but I just can't get rid of that gnawing feeling when I look at a figure I know has damage to it, hidden or not.
21 minuuttia sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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22 minuuttia sittenAwesomeLoliLoverAwesomeLoliLover
azusamukami (4 päivää sitten) #20096441The buttplug looks like shit to me.

I can see what you are saying, but I'll reserve judgment until this is painted. Also if it ends up looking like poop, it'll hopefully be removable and so I will still purchase her.

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