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I think you're suppose to ask those kind of questions in the forums section, where you never get answers for anything....
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Lilie (1 päivää sitten) #29768633I think you're suppose to ask those kind of questions in the forums section, where you never get answers for anything....
lol seriously the forums should at least have a section on the front page to remind us that it exists.
1813 tuntia sittenMyondazeMyondaze
MFC did the same thing to me a couple days ago when I asked about what proxies to use. I really don't understand what the point of having an "Ask MFC" category is for if we're just expected to go to the forums where we never get an answer.
151 päivää sitten (1 päivää sitten)DonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
Just some food for thought.

As bad as supporting the bootleg industry is; collectors refusing to pre-order to hope for a bargain bin, refusing to buy blurays and torrenting/watching third party streams are what hurts the anime industry even more.
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Yeah... I see two missing blogs that were only vaguely related to shops.

I get why specific shop blogs are banned (largely because the answer is 'contact the shop/shipping courier'), but I don't see what's wrong with asking "where can I buy x?", where x is not one specific item, as it is a far more open-ended question that invites community discussion.

With the amount of stuff that gets deleted, they might as well do away with the "Ask MFC" blog type, and add it as an official forum :/.

I'm thinking the whole blog & forum thing needs an overhaul, and possibly be merged.
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R_Kasahara (23 tuntia sitten) #29770189Greater visibility for the forums is something that a handful of us have been asking for for yeeeeaaars TT_TT
haha wow can't say I'm surprised since it's clear with the 4.0 update that the people in charge never listens to feedback or rather doesn't care
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Coffee (12 tuntia sitten) #29786034Ah well, you know
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You can also make it the default tab by going to the front page settings.
Not gonna argue against the inactivity of the forums though.
There's probably only around a handful of active threads.

Honestly, the term "club" makes me think of fanclub, which isn't really a place to ask a question about a shop, etc. The idea of splitting the forums into various clubs you have to join before posting never really made sense to me, actually.
The forums I've been on have a couple of main categories, consisting of sections and sometimes subsections for which threads are to be posted. Once you registered on the site, there was no need to subscribe to/join a particular place that you wanted to post on because you were granted access to everything the moment you signed up, much like the MFC blog part of this site.
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azaziel666 (17 tuntia sitten) #29777970Wow. They made a figure of her?
Nobody even likes the anime

LOL? you're probably the type of person who only watches mainstream anime.
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1016 tuntia sitten (4 tuntia sitten)weebweeb lexiechan
the mfc mods party poopers are at it again :^)
1023 tuntia sittenR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Did you get a notification for an alert? If so, that should have the details. Lilie's right about that rules thing, though; questions about shops should go in the Figure Shop forum, not in blogs.

kevinlowl (1 päivää sitten) #29769335lol seriously the forums should at least have a section on the front page to remind us that it exists.
Greater visibility for the forums is something that a handful of us have been asking for for yeeeeaaars TT_TT
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Lilie (1 päivää sitten) #29768633I think you're suppose to ask those kind of questions in the forums section, where you never get answers for anything....

LOL....that's sooo true. But the issue is when you post there, forget ever getting responses too.. *sigh*

Something similar happened to me on a post I did before....and I had all sorts of suggestions that I planned to follow up on too, and just like that POOF gone!! Along with all the advice folks had took the time to provide. They really need to like warn you or something, or just relocate the blog versus deleting it. Is a bit ridiculous.
91 päivää sittengrizzengrizzen
AnimeGuruma (1 päivää sitten) #29755950...y'all are seriously wanting a figure of a big titty futa girl sitting on a toilet with a humongous veiny penis coated in pee?

Wait what, fetishes exist? Crazy!!!
91 päivää sitten (1 päivää sitten)riringoriringo
Free_Phi (2 päivää sitten) #29734029The violet eyes are the giveaway. This is picked up from Daeny's description in the ASoI&F book series.
But Gwendolyn's eyes are violet. Look at Alter's scale from 2008 or Yamato's scale from 2011. They're both a shade of blue-purple. Even the artwork from the game has her with the same eye colour. On a wider scale, violet eyes are not unique to Daenerys... in fact it's a common characteristic for Japanese character deigns. In fact I can think of several artists who seems to have a fetish for that particular eye shade.

Free_Phi (2 päivää sitten) #29734029Blend that with the elegiac, mournful vibe of her depiction on GoT, and you've got this character.
Once again, that quality isn't unique to Daeny. Gwen is a valkyrie warrior princess who is struggling with self identity/discovery, so it makes sense why she's elegant and mournful. This figure is literally based on a scene that appears in the original game, I don't see what this has to do with Daeny except it has a similar mood.

Free_Phi (2 päivää sitten) #29734029Not sure what you mean by "doesn't matter."
I meant I wouldn't be pressed if Gwen WAS influenced by Daenerys (i.e. I'm not super invested in her character design being 100% original or not).

Free_Phi (2 päivää sitten) #29734029Okay, so your less observant and perceptive than Teakatt. So what?
Again, this merely bespeaks the limitations of your powers of perception and pattern recognition.

What makes you think I'm ignorant rather than the other way around? Have you considered that maybe I've just seen and read so much that none of these qualities are exclusively unique to or scream Daenerys to me?

Free_Phi (2 päivää sitten) #29734029Influence is not necessarily conscious. Any time an artist revisits or updates a character, he essentially throws it in a blender with everything that colored the pop-culture zeitgeist since the original was created. Daeny's "scent" is unmistakable in this piece.
I never said Gwen was 100% NOT influenced by Daeny, I just said it was equally likely she wasn't. Also it's ironic you're lecturing me about the creative process when I make my living in the creative arts field. Not that you'd know of course, but I wouldn't go around assuming everyone who disagrees with you are uncultured idiots if I were you.

Just to be clear, I wasn't arguing against Gwen being influenced by Daenerys in some way (because I don't care if she was). What I was question was your leap in logic: "there is absolutely no doubt that this figure is highly influenced by the HBO GoT character".
81 päivää sittenxCommandoxCommando
It would seem so then. How annoying, and evil to impede the greatness that is keychain collecting. 3: You know it would be nice if when blogs were deleted, that whoever deleted them explained to the blogger you know, why it was deleted. I get that MFC has the right to delete without a word sure, but its pretty rude, especially when its a blog that may have had a lot of effort put into it.
81 päivää sittengoliathfasagoliathfasa
That MEKKA is pathetic.

For those who want their Nendo D.Va to have a nice MEKKA to pose with, get the deluxe Funko Pop D.Va while they still have them around. You won't be able to fit her inside I don't think, unless maybe you remove her lower torso, but at least she can pose with it.
81 päivää sitten (1 päivää sitten)nekkomiminekkomimi
The pose, expression and nutella combine to make what is a very well done yet rather disturbing image.
81 päivää sittenDribzDribz
I'm honestly loving that they're just straight-up including her ero doujin work on those pages. It's a small-ish detail, but one I'm really glad for.
81 päivää sitten (1 päivää sitten)GwenwyfarGwenwyfar
Free_Phi (2 päivää sitten) #29734029
I don't know who that is. Did the sculptor cite it as a source???
What style is that? Stormborn style?

Another valkyrie from a japanese cult classic from 98? But if you are going to dismiss that without even checking... (and do mind, we are talking about vanillaware, a japanese company, not some mainstream western company). If we are going to argue on probability, it is more likely to be based on other things. The japanese in general hardly know much about Tolkien, let alone George R R Martin. They are not that interested in western literature. If it is indeed based on GoT, I don't care either, but the point is that it is unlikely.

But apparently, all you care is that your opinion is correct and "there's no doubt this is clearly draenyrs", so good luck with that mentality. riringo already addressed your points nicely, no need to repeat it.

Edit: And just an added note with regards to your last point, I meant no offense to TeaKatt, I'm sorry if it looked that way.

The discrepancies with the artwork look more like a difference in style and maybe having other artworks as a basis (some other originals look a little more similar than the one used as a poster here), and this one just as a guide. It's clear they weren't trying to copy it exactly like they did with her other two recent figures. It's very commonplace for artists to use multiple references. Would be fun to have a "behind the scenes" interview on these 3 new figures, doesn't look like their announcement dates (and year, as 2017 marks 10 years of the original Odin Sphere) were a coincidence, there may have been more planning on them than it looks.
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Needs to be a little more thicker and panties smaller.

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