One Piece - Usopp - One Piece Dramatic Showcase ...One Piece - Usopp - One Piece Dramatic Showcase ~2nd season~ Vol. 1 (Banpresto)





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02 vuotta sittenAtomboyAtomboy
Video Review - [ext link ]
02 vuotta sittenHidanHidan
TerraToyaSi (3 vuotta sitten) #2231708HLJ [ext link ]
Sold separate from Luffy. ^_^

Thanks~ (*゜▽゜)*。_。)*゜▽゜)*。_。)
After the new pictures I couldn't resist anymore and ordered him, looks totally cool and if somebody wants to buy him now they still have him in stock at HLJ!
13 vuotta sittenTerraToyaSiTerraToyaSi
HLJ [ext link ]
Sold separate from Luffy. ^_^
13 vuotta sittenHidanHidan
This Usopp is a must have for me!! He looks so real.
but I don't want to have Luffy ... is there any possibility to order them separately somewhere or I should just wait when the Kuji is over and buy him alone? or if I order a set does somebody want my Luffy? ( ̄~ ̄;)
03 vuotta sittenKiraYamato44KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿Destine...
Available with Luffy at BiJ:

[ext link ]
03 vuotta sittenDorobbongDorobbong
charle (3 vuotta sitten) #1994864He is really well done!!!!

I think so too. He looks quite good. :)
03 vuotta sittencharlecharle
He is really well done!!!!
03 vuotta sittenRaithosRaithos Existential
03 vuotta sittenkaizoku17kaizoku17
Looks super great !!!


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