DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Character's ...DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Character's Selection - 1/7 (Native)

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    ¥17,593 muunna valuutaksi USD
Made to order.

Height with cross is 26,5cm(265mm)
Pre-orders will come with a postcard illustrated by Honyarara.

Orders via Native can be placed between the 22nd April 2016 at 15:00JST to the 20th June 2016 at 19:00JST



© Native / Nitro+Chiral / Grizzry Panda / Honyarara

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3251 vuotta sittenKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
I've decided to unlock this thread but if I see any more ridiculous arguments, people will be banned. If another troll appears, alert the comment (or PM a member of staff) and don't reply to it.

Seriously, just don't.
3061 vuotta sittenyuuichisanyuuichisan
I saw Aoba

and then I saw Native


Time for my first Native figure

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012 minuuttia sittenmurdochmurdoch
The-Hurricane (5 tuntia sitten) #17683519
A lot of this is...kind of untrue?

Oh boy. Oh jeez. Sweet merciful heavens.
I appreciate a good civilized debate, but I'm starting to have a hard time taking you seriously after this. I'm sorry if I seem disrespectful, but yikes. Also I implore you to show me a lady figure where the vulva is anatomically correct. (no seriously, because I would love to have it in my collection) I'll bite my tongue if you have found the elusive legitimate lookin' pvc pussy. I'm not even being sarcastic I would seriously love you if you helped me obtain such a thing.

I strongly disagree with most of your reply and there's a lot I could nitpick, but I don't want this comment section to be derailed so I'm not gonna argue with you here. buuuut --->View spoilerHide spoilerIf you wanna discuss the topic further with me than feel free to pm me or comment on my profile, I feel like you would be a fun person to have a non-aggressive discourse with.
You could also just ignore me, because I'm very obnoxious in general. I'll let it be your call
33 tuntia sittenCerespamCerespam ~Soraname
Have you guys ever seen a ballsack in a cold environment? Yeah, looks exactly like this, like a rubber so I think most of you that are complaining about his balls don't have a dick or live with a male person that likes to be naked all the time to witness this kind of thing lol
104 tuntia sittentheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
His dickness is POTD two days in a row, PLEASE can we go for 3? OuO

The-Hurricane (5 tuntia sitten) #17683519As for complaining before receiving the figure, I mean, I'm not exactly sure what's going to change when I have him in hand? I can...fondle his dick as I bemoan how horridly sculpted it is? :P
Just seems weird that so many people judged his junk based on shitty potato-cam photos instead of waiting to receive him or see HD photos. lol, transparent. You seem to have your mind made up either way so doesn't matter.
35 tuntia sitten (5 tuntia sitten)The-HurricaneThe-Hurricane
theyasminshow (1 päivää sitten) #17662555As a general rule of thumb, people are usually unhappy if you criticize something they like whether it's warranted or not. Still, as long as you aren't making it a personal attack you have every right to give your opinion, and they can take it or leave it. Everyone has a right to participate in the discussion.
With that said, repeating those same opinions over and over without having received the figure IS getting kinda really dry. C'mon guys.

I guess I've just never understood that position. I mean, sure if someone is like "you're shit and your opinions are shit and everything you like is shit, and did I mention it's shit?" I'd probably be like "well gee you're being an asshole right now", but in general I actually find it interesting to hear contrasting opinions. I mentioned liking Saitama and One Punch Man a lot in an earlier comment, but I still agree with a lot of criticisms of the show and the characters. "Nothing anybody likes is perfect" is my feeling about most everything, so I guess for me it's a "nothing is sacred" approach. But of course I try to take care in giving opinions that go against the grain in a neutral, non-combative way.

As for complaining before receiving the figure, I mean, I'm not exactly sure what's going to change when I have him in hand? I can...fondle his dick as I bemoan how horridly sculpted it is? :P

murdoch (23 tuntia sitten) #17668787Well shit, everyone. We're really going into "anatomically correct" territory?
Go to the main page on MFC and tell me all the popular lady figures are anatomically correct, they're bodies are contorted into impossible shapes that no actual human being could have. I mean, they're anime characters. Every erotic female figure I've seen that had a sculpted vulva hasn't looked realistic either, this isn't anything new.
Don't get me wrong, I 100% agree with the majority of these criticisms so far, the final product is flawed and his balls are definitely.. not ideal. (lmao) also is it me or is his bush a little too clunky? I'll be the first to admit he final product definitely didn't meet my expectations. I think the most of us just got so fucking hyped for the D that we got our hopes waaay up, so I totally understand why a lot of us are disappointed.
View spoilerHide spoilerEdit: I just wanted to add a few positive notes. I understand everyone's frustration but I can't help but seriously adore this figure. The sculpt of his body overall is gorgeous, like, really fucking beautiful. And I love the sheer, unapologetically lewd vibes that Aoba is giving off. The base and bondage gear are rad. Yeah he's not perfect but still a pretty damn good figure (well at least in my opinion he is)
also bondage gear tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) amirite

A lot of this is...kind of untrue? Sure, if we want to talk about the difference in bodily anatomy, of course, just like Aoba is ridiculously unrealistic looking in body too, he has female hip bones and thigh shapes pasted onto an otherwise male body shape for instance, because the whole "willowy feminine bishounen" is a thing in BL franchises where it very rarely is in real life just like the whole "impossibly skinny chick with absolutely perky DDD bosoms" is a thing in hentai where it very rarely is in real life.

But genitals? Not in my experience at least. There's a huge difference between "idealized" and "unrealistic". This is rather coincidental because I was checking out a bunch of the Native offerings yesterday because I was curious how much the final product differed from the prototypes. (Total non-spoiler: Not this much. Often barely at all.) Native (and a lot of other companies) favour the small inner labia, tucked in porn star look, which means the inner labia won't be visible on a figure unless she's completely spreading her vulva, and sometimes even then the inner labia can be so small as to look nearly nonexistent on ladies. (There's some NSFW subreddits on Reddit dedicated to women with this exact sort of "look".) Does it represent the majority of women? I suspect not. But are there a sizeable amount of ladies out there who have genitals that look pretty much like those sculpts? Absolutely. I even ran into a few Native sculpts where the inner labia were a little longer than "porn star standard", like the Elevator Girl, who surprised me since the "butterfly labia" look isn't very popular in porn despite lots of women having genitals just like that.

I don't suspect there's a sizeable population of guys out there with swollen water balloon ball-sacs though. When you're talking about genitals for an ero figure, if it's going to be unrealistic it's supposed to go into idealized territory, not "something is medically wrong with me, please call an ambulance" territory (this doesn't stop some figure companies from doing that anyway, mind, and Aoba is definitely one of them, but he's joining a list of female figures that did the same, so I am not saying they don't fudge things up from time to time). I could put a bunch of photos of idealized cocks from uncensored BL manga that tread the line of realism and idealization just fine, obviously made for people who eroticize and enjoy dick.

Honestly, I think GrizzryPanda just dropped the ball (....no pun intended?) on this one. She's familiar with sculpting some idealized erotic female figures, but her lack of practice on male genital anatomy shows here. It's unrealistic, but it's not idealized, and that's where the sculpt fails. If something is going to be one of the focal points of your figure (and let's be real, I think 99% of the people who ordered this figure have considered it "the plastic dick figure" from the word 'GO'), you want to make sure that if you're not going for 1v1 realism, that you instead create an idealized version of that thing. I've seen people complain about unrealistic female genitals on other figure pages when they look weird, and Aoba's bait-n-tackle definitely deserves the negative commentary it's getting because it's odd looking. It's a disappointment to me because I was looking forward to having a non-garage-kit male ero figure, and here his dick is all strange looking. T___T

riringo (10 tuntia sitten) #17683101Wow the blindfold is great! Totally re-balances the face and canon to one of the alt routes too.

Agreed, the blindfold is an awesome idea and it definitely helps the balance out the facial features. While I'm generally not a huge fan of mixing random cloth bits onto PVC except in very limited cases, this doesn't look bad at all in black-and-white. It might look a little strange in person and/or in colour photos, but it's still a pretty interesting "fix".
95 tuntia sittenWaltZ015WaltZ015
Forget Saber. Forget Miku. Forget Sakura. AOBA will be the next Madokami.
58 tuntia sittenCarolSPCarolSP
This blindfold really is an amazing idea and looks great in thoses pictures! If I still think the position of his eyes is weird after mine arrive I will just blindfold him as well! I can live happily with that! xD
1110 tuntia sittenriringoriringo
Wow the blindfold is great! Totally re-balances the face and canon to one of the alt routes too.
511 tuntia sittenmurdochmurdoch
theyasminshow (15 tuntia sitten) #17679139D-licious

012 tuntia sittenTrashCatTrashCat
XShipper (13 tuntia sitten) #17681683Has anyone got a shipping notice from NY?
I'm getting mine via Transi-Logistic and it's in transit since 19 Jan.
012 tuntia sittenVuoriKettuVuoriKettu
XShipper (13 tuntia sitten) #17681683Has anyone got a shipping notice from NY?

I'm waiting for a notice as well, but NY doesn't ship on weekends(I checked few days ago to try to predict when my package would arrive), so it would be Monday as earliest to get a shipping notice c:

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