Love Live! School Idol Festival - Toujou Nozomi ...Love Live! School Idol Festival - Toujou Nozomi - 1/7 (Alter)





© Alter / Bushiroad / Ayabe Ichiro / Yagyuu Toshiyuki

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1341 vuotta sittenStalkingStalking Loli hunter
I highly doubt there will ever be a more beautiful and stunning Nozomi figure, ever. This one takes the cake.
641 vuotta sittenStalkingStalking Loli hunter
The face looks great imo, I love the lips, the wink, the everything. It looks better than in the illustration imo, she looks so delicate and precious... Man, I CAN'T wait to have her

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018 tuntia sittenNinomaNinoma
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022 tuntia sittenPLAMOYAPLAMOYA
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08 päivää sittenSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
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022 päivää sittenswedeswede
Selling $120 in USA w/o shipping, Opened but in display case, selling Nozomi, Nico (120) and Hanayo (100) as well.
122 päivää sittenICantBelieveItsICantBelieveIts
Can someone say GRAIL? *checks bank account, foams at mouth*
225 päivää sitten (22 päivää sitten)ArukuAruku
Couldn't resist AmiAmi's offer in the end, seems like Kotori will have to be the second girl I get, but oh my I can't wait until she gets here <3 This was actually my first SR the game so it feels sooo much special, honestly!
Though I was stupid and forgot about golden week, so she shipped 5 days after paying her xD;

EDIT: OMG I can't believe it?? On friday they added new boxes,and because it was only 30 gems the first go I decided to give it a go, hey, it's cheap and I got this card (the unidolised ver. of course) like !!!!
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So, today I felt like scouting again, and would you believe it, another China Nozomi!
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Nozomi's spiritual power is truly unbeatable... I can't believe it, I'm so happy though :'D
029 päivää sittenKyokiPonKyokiPon
sale #127326
$120 Free shipping within the US
01 kuukautta sittenmoolynomoolyno
Niyari (1 kuukautta sitten) #20265250can anyone tell me what's going on here? [ext link ] is that supposed to be her tongue sticking out or some kind of lipstick?I'm pretty sure that's her lip
11 kuukautta sitten (1 kuukautta sitten)NiyariNiyari
can anyone tell me what's going on here? [ext link ] is that supposed to be her tongue sticking out or some kind of lipstick?
01 kuukautta sittenPlatoGPlatoG
skmm (1 kuukautta sitten) #20118529Uhh, she's up at 14k though

11k , if you count in the 20% amiami point reward.

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