shakugan_no_shana_ii shana kotobukiya makio_munetoshi itou_noijishakugan_no_shana_ii shana kotobukiya makio_munetoshi itou_noiji
Just got home from a short vacation

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13 kuukautta sittenBorvocBorvoc
I don't like translucent hair on figures, but the lighting in this picture actually makes it look amazing. Props.
13 kuukautta sittenptitange23ptitange23
Beautiful !!!
13 kuukautta sittennuttomakinuttomaki
13 kuukautta sittenCriscokidCriscokid
13 kuukautta sittenSeijuuroSeijuuro
victorviper (3 kuukautta sitten) #20109519Very nice! In particular, the lighting is spot on.

thanks mate! And finally, this shot made it to the pictures OTD
13 kuukautta sittenvictorvipervictorviper
Very nice! In particular, the lighting is spot on.
03 kuukautta sitten (3 kuukautta sitten)SeijuuroSeijuuro



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