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«Life is a mess but at least there is Rin merch»
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🍊 Welcome! 🍊https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4294/36011719065_3b165bd95a_o.png

Hello! You can call me Aruku, nice to meet you, I'm not the best with words but I try! English is not my first language so I appologise in advance for any silly mistakes I make.
I'm a big fan of Vocaloid, with Rin Kagamine being my absolute favourite for many years now and I hope to have a large collection featuring her one day!
I really enjoy watching anime yet I can go by without watching any for months.
I am collector who mainly focuses on getting things of characters they like, although I have made some exeptions in my collection >_>;

I'm an avid player of LoveLive!, you can send me a PM if you want to add me as friend in-game!
Recently Umi has climbed among my favourite girls, along with Nozomi, Nico and Kotori It's still difficult to decide what to buy from the series as there are many girls but I hope LoveLive! also stays something for a lot of my life - It has been two years in since I started playing, yet I have so many good memories!

🍊 Keep in mind that I'm constantly looking for Rin Kagamine related items to buy - you can see what I'm looking for in here so if you have something you no longer want you can contact me and I might buy it! This also includes things that might not be in that list or duplicates of certain figures/items (Nendoroids, for example)
Hope you have a nice day! ❤


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I see you have the Dollfie now AAAAAH CONGRATS !!! *A* ♡
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And now we turn it around lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!
I hope you have an absolutely amazing day with all your family and friends ♥
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Aruku (2 vuotta sitten) #3447111Happy Birthday!!!! https://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8irq6UCrL1rq0csr.gif >w<
Hope you have a wonderfull day <3!

Thank you so much hun owo I'm gonna reply to big message tomorrow!
That's so sweet of you <3
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Aruku (2 vuotta sitten) #3310383Hello, hello!
Welcome to MFC :D
I've seen that you like Vocaloid and Rin, your colletion is sweet, love the figma~
Appart from the Dayos what are you hoping to get next?
I hope you have fun here and that your collection grows! c:
Have a nice day~

Thanks so much for the nice welcome~! ^-^

I'm hoping to just get multiple things, really. I get things as they come out ^^;
Hopefully the full original nendoroid vocaloid set, Miku, Meiko etc. ^_^

Other than that, I don't know really, I'll have to wait and see.~
And also, your collection is really nice too! I hope you achieve the things on your wishlist c:

Yet again, thank you~!
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Hello!! You are rinsbutt on tumblr, right? I like your collection! OvO
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