ArukuAruku Life is a mess but at least there is Rin merch

Tietoja Welcome to my profile!

Hello! You can call me Aruku, nice to meet you, I'm not the best with words but I try! English is not my first language so I appologise in advance for any silly mistakes I make.
I'm a big fan of Vocaloid, with Rin Kagamine being my absolute favourite for many years now and I hope to have a large collection featuring her one day!
My favourite animes are Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. But there are many, many that I enjoy - sadly, some of them don't really have figures, which I would love to have :c
Currently I'm getting more and more into the LoveLive! fandom and I play the game regularly, you can send me a PM if you want to add me as friend in-game!
My best girls are Nozomi, Kotori, Nico and Hanayo - but I'm still a bit hesitant into collecting figures of them, for starters I don't really know where to start! But I hope LoveLive! also becomes something for life - I've been a year in the game already but it still feels so new, yet I have so many good memories!
Also, I'm constantly looking for Rin Kagamine related items to buy - you can see what I'm looking for in here so if you have something you no longer want you can contact me and I might buy it!
Have a nice day! ❤

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06 kuukautta sittenMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
I see you have the Dollfie now AAAAAH CONGRATS !!! *A* ♡
01 vuotta sittenMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
And now we turn it around lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!
I hope you have an absolutely amazing day with all your family and friends ♥
01 vuotta sittenMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Aruku (1 vuotta sitten) #3447111Happy Birthday!!!! >w<
Hope you have a wonderfull day <3!

Thank you so much hun owo I'm gonna reply to big message tomorrow!
That's so sweet of you <3
01 vuotta sittenRinRinSignalRinRinSignal
Aruku (1 vuotta sitten) #3310383Hello, hello!
Welcome to MFC :D
I've seen that you like Vocaloid and Rin, your colletion is sweet, love the figma~
Appart from the Dayos what are you hoping to get next?
I hope you have fun here and that your collection grows! c:
Have a nice day~

Thanks so much for the nice welcome~! ^-^

I'm hoping to just get multiple things, really. I get things as they come out ^^;
Hopefully the full original nendoroid vocaloid set, Miku, Meiko etc. ^_^

Other than that, I don't know really, I'll have to wait and see.~
And also, your collection is really nice too! I hope you achieve the things on your wishlist c:

Yet again, thank you~!
02 vuotta sittenKagaMamaKagaMama
Hello!! You are rinsbutt on tumblr, right? I like your collection! OvO


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