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http://i842.photobucket.com/albums/zz342/geasswitch/Sites/ezgif4_zps7srjr2ro.png Hi there! I'm Ashley, my alias/nickname is Queen. I've been collecting for over a year and a half but have always been interested in it since I was a kid. I actually had quite a few figures back in middle school over a decade ago but due to moving and family who don't like my hobby I lost everything I had back then that I collected all the way till college. So you could say I just restarted collecting now that I have my own house and know my stuff is safe.

Back in 2015 I started with Nendoroids and have just recently got into wanting more scales in my collection. Buying a lot of goods is a bit of a bad habit of mine but I like goods just as much as I do figures. I'm also an avid collector of plushies. Between collecting figures, goods, plushies, cosplaying, and attending conventions I'm not able to buy a lot of things at once so my collection is growing slowly. I'm looking to focus on obtaining things in my ultimate wishlist above all else now that I've slowly come to realize what figures I truly want most.

Don't be afraid to befriend me or talk to me; I love making new friends!

http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f32/SanctuaryDream/Sites/EMTGAMING_4_zpsrlbf2jtg.png More about me:

• Artist (16+ years)
• Writer (10+ years)
• Cosplayer (9+ years)
• AMV editor (7+ years)
• First got into anime in 2000
• Casual gamer (PS4 | PC | mobile)
• Anime convention goer/staffer (7+ years)
• My husband is Teebs-kun ♡


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