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Hello everyone! My name is Chee and I just only started collecting figures around 1/2015, and as you can see my collection is growing rapidly, I may be buying too much already, but my love for this new hobby is so fun! I absolutely love anime, and my favorite is Fate/Zero and Infinite Stratos!

I also have a YouTube channel, check me out here!

[ext link ]

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01 kuukautta sittenLolixdonutLolixdonut
MFC say it's your birthday xD
let just make it advance birthday greet from me o(^^o)CheexCollects (1 kuukautta sitten) #22536321Thank you! My birthday is actually on the 25th tho! :)
01 kuukautta sittenLolixdonutLolixdonut
happy birthday!! \(^A^
01 vuotta sittenAyukuraAyukura
Are you still selling your Rin fig?
01 vuotta sittenDarkMaster163DarkMaster163
Thanks bro
01 vuotta sittenLolixdonutLolixdonut
thank you for accepting my FR :)CheexCollects (1 vuotta sitten) #10422139Hi! Thanks for the add! :)

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