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01 kuukautta sittenOnee-samaOnee-sama
CherryHunter (1 kuukautta sitten) #21524589Aww, thank you <3 I see that you also like kawaii ero ladies ^w^ ~

You like Suigintou alot, don't you?

I used to buy figures, but I pretty much got all the ones I wanted. Plus they are so expensive.

Have you played To Heart 2?
01 kuukautta sittenOnee-samaOnee-sama
Hey, I like your taste in figures~
09 kuukautta sittenSetsukaSetsuka
CherryHunter (9 kuukautta sitten) #14608868Ou, yesterday wasn't my birthday o_o but thank you :D ! Your collection is soo adorable x3 You are huge Mado series fan~ ! I was lured by your avatar image ^o^. Guess you like Kyouko :> I was soo suprised when I found out that this figure is a prize :o and she's cheap. Her face looks way better than GSC one!
Hello, sorry for late reply (I hate that MFC don't works in notice).
Yes, I'm just a "little" crazy for MadoMagi (and Kyoko).
I don't like prize, I had very fews, but MadoMagi Ichiban Kuji are really cool especially Kyoko: she is big, nice looks, lovely expression, good colors... also Sayaka Ichiban Kuji has these features.
I buyed Kyoko when she was really expensive (80 EUR) but I'm ok with the price because as you can see she is really beautiful, now you can find her (and her renewed version) on 20/30 EUR.
09 kuukautta sittensk992034sk992034
CherryHunter (9 kuukautta sitten) #14785899Happy Birthday!

Thank you ^_^
09 kuukautta sittenSetsukaSetsuka
Hello! Thank you for your request {◕‿◕}
I read that yesterday was your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you a lots of figures.

PS: your collection is lovely, I love that Madoka and that Nozomi statics ♥

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