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Not accepting random fr anymore! So please message me before adding or talk to me first at least..

◕ ‿‿ ◕ ◕ ‿‿ ◕

about me?
im just a die-hard louise fan who wishes to own all merchandise and figures of her, and I accomplished that <3 and im no.0 in the popularity list, a sweet coincidence is it not? (Louise the zero X Chloe 0)
my other goal is to keep my collection of prepainted figures around 140 :)

I started collecting when I joined MFC, and I already got this many figures in such a short time :O >///<

I love ecchi stuff <3 I dont like vulgar naked like giga pulse does, but beautiful artwork pieces with a bit of nudity like native does :) thats my view on it
(though there are some exceptions cause I like bondage outfits plus my husbands H collection)
my most expensive one is 145 euro for chigusa nana black ver. but she is worth it!
(plus chantilly and neige for freaking 256 euro)
I also buy hentai and doujinshi for their pretty art <3

Im a proud bi-sexual girl :) and I support all those lesbians or gays out there who are ashamed just dont be and be yourself :3

I like meeting people who got a passion/obsession for a certain character like I have <3
and... I love tsunderes A LOT <3 beside louise I love mio isurugi and other tsunderes too, too many to like! from extreme to subtle tsunderes like mao from GJ-bu!
Here is a nice tsundere song by the tsundere voicaloid akita neru

[ext link ]

I also maintain 4 clubs: nana to kaoru fanclub , zero no tsukaima fanclub and makai tenshi jibril fanclub and the drills club

And a weird fact about me: eventhough I own many pink haired characters my favourite color is most definitly not pink but ice blue! and I dislike pink in rl XD but on characters I think pink hair suits them

Im very much in love with UchihaxDante
My love <3
We are married 2-11-2015 <3 at the exact date we had a relationship for 5 years..
He isnt active on mfc so i add his stuff on my profile too.

and I got a collection of mangas too but too lazy to add them all up here about 200-250 (added in a list, tho not all are in the database) except for the H and doujins

my best online friend here is euler271
someday we will meet :)

what more to tell ... not much right ? beside that im a die-hard otaku who also loves cosplaying and watching anime :) and being a talkative spontaneous girl

if you wish to know more ... feel free to ask ;D

bye bye~

also some consider me unfriendly, cause I am a direct person now and then but that is mainly due to autism or due to the person itself :)

P.s. Louise is my waifu

And kongou (arpeggio) best shipgirl!

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06 päivää sittendarkfaderdarkfader
Chloe-tsundere (6 päivää sitten) #24688044[ext link ]Thanks! Ordered. I wasn't trying to get all variants or anything. I think I have two of the blue version already.
Couldn't help to order more xD
07 päivää sittenalazif03alazif03
Just to let you know that the new T2 book item #610075 is available. I thought it'd be exclusive but it's not. It seems it's not R18 too.
09 päivää sitten (9 päivää sitten)alazif03alazif03
Chloe-tsundere (9 päivää sitten) #24559058View spoilerHide spoilerWell his eroge works are what i like the most, like fault!!!
And hes stunning :D youre very lucky
I guess you have the thing with tony like i got with louise

I may be wrong, but since it said that the new book is released to celebrate his 20th Anniversary as an independent illustrator, I think there won't be any illustration from the games. But who knows? For the moments, Tony only revealed few pics on Twitter: [ext link ], [ext link ], or [ext link ].

And yeah, you can say that I'm obsessed with him and I always want more!

For Ragna's Daki, I'm glad that I found it. I'm wondering whether I don't prefer it over Jin's Daki now...
010 päivää sittenalazif03alazif03
Chloe-tsundere (11 päivää sitten) #24504428View spoilerHide spoilerI think i explained to you before but im not fed up with tony at all. I just dnt buy some ladies who look too similar, aside from that hes still one of my top artists.
I might be interested if it doesnt have all of the ladies i already got, which is likely asi got so much of his art :)
Cardboard sleeve doesnt mean it is unused, my orders came with it just for protection ;) opened or unopened.. they couldve resealed it but yeah i assume it was treated well :) thats good.
Too bad you didnt take a pic, would like to see the daki

Yeah, you're right you should already have most of the illustrations. I only bought "Botan Nabe" and the Tony Magazines from the last Comikets, so I think I'll take this book too. I don't think there'll be illustrations from games like the Shining series and the eroge though.

I just took some pics for you:
picture #1810886
picture #1810887
picture #1810888
picture #1810889
picture #1810890
picture #1810891
picture #1810892
picture #1810893
Beautiful, right?
011 päivää sittenKillaxKillax
Chloe-tsundere (12 päivää sitten) #24482347Fijne verjaardag!


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