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010 kuukautta sittenSpirit_BombSpirit_Bomb
Loving those gifs of yours, What character is that from and is there any figures out for that series?
02 vuotta sittenAkiraUmiAkiraUmi
Thanks a bunch xD
No wonder I didnt see this option since I never clicked on her name directly but on the search button instead....thanks again :D
02 vuotta sittenAkiraUmiAkiraUmi
Hi there :D
Saw your comment under the tsugumi statue regarding the subscription to channels....
I'm a scrub and new here so I cannot find any option to subscribe to a character or a series... ;_;
see the stuff where it is gonna show me the stuff i subscribed to though~
wondered if you could help me out here...dont wanna miss on a marika tachibana statue for example...would be too sad
02 vuotta sittennaisornaisor
Asi que... ¿persona de habla hispana?
04 vuotta sittenHenu-kunHenu-kun
DeepEyes (4 vuotta sitten) #1427629Thank you! I'm new in this world of figures n_n.

then welcome. :D u will see soon enough that u can't stop. x3

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