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08 kuukautta sittenMaakieMaakie
Ersmark (8 kuukautta sitten) #15165612My very first figure was this one, that I found cheap in a second hand store. Because I didn't really know any anime characters, I just got the most famous one! :)
After that, when I got home, I got a hold of some other used figures from the series Oreimo and Natsuiro Kiseki, mostly from eBay. Later on I found out about all the small 10 cm uniform figures. Tetsudou/Bus/Mecha Musume, airline stewardesses and French maids, and got a lot of them cheap on eBay. I really don't mind cheap second hand figures without boxes. My most favourites has to be the railway uniform girls, "Tetsudou Musume", which I think I have about 50-55 of now. :D
I have three younger brothers with basically same interests, but only one of them collect figures. He's mostly into Macross aircrafts and monsters like dragons and Godzilla. One of my brothers lives in Tokyo, but ironically he doesn't seem to collect anything (whaaat!)

Haha, Miku, always a classic! :) Are you a big Miku fan in general? I like Miku myself, but I'm very selective with songs and outfits that I like from her. ;)

Ebay is loaded with many small cutie figures for nice prices~ If you're also into trading figures, eBay is like heaven and hell at the same time, haha!

Btw it's nice to see you have so much trading figures! I think trading figures are really underappreciated. A lot of them have such nice details for their price and size!

Woah, that's a big family into anime! And I've also heard a lot about Godzilla toy/figure collectors. Does he have retro toys too?

Living in Japan and he's originally from Sweden? That's a huge switch in culture! Is it going well for him?
08 kuukautta sittenMaakieMaakie
Ersmark (8 kuukautta sitten) #15121061I drive around a lot in my work, and sometimes I find a good location. Then I just have to remember it until later, so I can return alone with some figures. The nature in Sweden is wonderful, with every season perfect for taking photos. Really warm sunny summers, and cold winters with a lot of white snow. There is also a lot of railway stations and bus stops on the countryside, where I'm going to arrange the Tetsudou/Bus Musume figures.
I'm a bit new, yes. I bought my very first figure in Akihabara on my vacation trip to Japan in May 2015. "Anime figures isn't really my style, but I can at least buy just one" I said to my younger (already otaku) brother. It didn't stop there. Oh no! Later on I found some good sellers at eBay. Then... is just became... a lot! I found this page through my brother, and became a member in January 2016.
But since I don't have a lot of friends in this hobby, I haven't really interacted a lot with other members here.

Ah~ My work is just the same road up and down every day. ^^'' I live in the part of the Netherlands with not much cities and a lot of nature. Next to the roads there are only farmers with big pieces of land haha.

Which one was your first figure? :)

And that's nice for you to have family into this hobby too! :) Does your brother have a big collection?

I made most of my MFC friends my commenting on their blogs or they commenting on mine. Or they are people that I met at anime conventions. :)
09 kuukautta sittenMaakieMaakie
Ersmark (9 kuukautta sitten) #15059148Thanks for the compliments on the photos! :) I am very impressed with a lot of outdoor photos on this site, so I decided to try to make some similar work. But mostly with a North European theme at the beginning, to find "my own style". I guess I'll have to start with a lot of Finnish characters (Mecha Musume / Strike Withes) in the snow this winter. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of Swedish characters. Well... there is this one, but it's really not easy available just yet.
The second notification was just me messing up a reply. I'm not used to messaging on this site just yet. :P

I tried outdoor photo's a few times, but I always had it really hard with finding the right locations. And lugging a big figure with me. >.< Maybe I will try it again once I get a better camera. :)

And oh~ that's nice! Over here there is snow every year, but only once ever 3-4 years or so, there is enough snow to make it a big white layer. Most of our snow looks like this in no time: [ext link ] ^^''

Haha, no problem! So you're new to MFC? How did you find out about this website? :)
09 kuukautta sittenMaakieMaakie
Oh I just get a notification of a wronly referred to comment by you?

Did you send me another message except for the below one? Did I miss something? :O
09 kuukautta sittenMaakieMaakie
Ersmark (9 kuukautta sitten) #15013228Unfortunately I don't have the time for writing my own reviews just yet. When I don't work full time, I try to watch some anime, and just recently also started taking outdoor photos of figures in a Nordic (mostly Swedish/Finnish) environment. The pictures are both here, and on a newly started Twitter account. If you (and maybe some of your acquaintances) want to follow that account I would be happy! Even if it's just four post on it right now, in the beginning. Hopefully it will be some Withes/MechaMusume there, in the future! :)

I also don't have much time nowadays to write on my reviews. I try, but I'm a lot slower with uploading than I was a few years ago. >.< I hope I can get to it at higher speed soon again!

Your photography looks nice! I like outdoor figure photography! Especially trading figures are ~perfect~ for that! :) I want to get more serious with photographing too, but have mainly been focusing on an indoor-setup myself.

Thanks for linking your Twitter-account! I do have to say that I don't use Twitter! D: But I wish you good luck with your activity there! :)

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