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I once made the mistake of buying a Kotobukiya bishoujo.

And then THIS happened.

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01 vuotta sitten (1 vuotta sitten)stormkoopacv03stormkoopacv03
Hey, s'up! I'm quite interested in bishoujo Tali as well. Let me know all the details when you unbox her. I'm seriously thinking of ordering both variants of her. It's always a good day when you file your tax return and know how much you're getting back. lol
02 vuotta sittenDiggehDiggeh
Can you dig it?
02 vuotta sittenDiggehDiggeh
freezy pls
02 vuotta sittenLeopoldLeopold
Yo Freeza! Any news for anything good coming out?
03 vuotta sittenFreezasaurusFreezasaurus
Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys!

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