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ask me about my waifus

Mel/NB/80% gay 20% hot gas
i cosplay and collect anime merch

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03 kuukautta sittenPyrokar91Pyrokar91
Gigglepox (3 kuukautta sitten) #19145183yeahh!! Take lots of pics if/when you get her!

If I get her, I'll definitely let you know :)
03 kuukautta sittenPyrokar91Pyrokar91
Gigglepox (3 kuukautta sitten) #19073671Hi! i think so - i managed to grab her for 150. She's a good size and the detail on her is wonderful. The only downside is that her stand is just a standard white circle stand, but in the grand scheme of things, it def does not take away from her extravagance.
:D cool hm I would have a really nice place for her..maybe I can get her in a month or two :)
03 kuukautta sittenPyrokar91Pyrokar91
Hey giggle, I really like the Aquamarine Shiro you have, but her price is so you think she's worth buying?
03 kuukautta sittenPyrokar91Pyrokar91
Ty for accepting my FR!! :)
03 kuukautta sittenpurpledragongirlpurpledragongirl
Anno but you have all the waifus too! :P
Gigglepox (3 kuukautta sitten) #19023048thanks for joining my lonely account (人´ω`*)♡

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