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025 päivää sittenMaakieMaakie
Heldrik (27 päivää sitten) #23903797Yeah, as they say, "better late than never".
As for the cake, nah, it was way too hot outside to bake a cake (and buying one didn't cross our minds), so we went to a small restaurant that makes franco-japanese. That as good, but damn, was that damp inside.

Hey, but that also sounds very good! :D I also always go out for dinner somewhere on my birthday! :)
028 päivää sittenMaakieMaakie
Heldrik (1 kuukautta sitten) #23770482Thanks, I didn't expect to get diabetes as a late birthday present.

You should know me enough by now that I am always late with responding to everything! :^)

How was your actual birthday? Had any nice diabetes cake? :)
01 kuukautta sittenMaakieMaakie
01 kuukautta sittenJuneJune
Happy birthday to you!(*^o^*)
01 kuukautta sittenElyrithElyrith
Bon anniversaire, mec.

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