Hitokiri_AceHitokiri_Ace Spice and Wolf fan. :)


Just a normal gamer, and hopelessly enthralled Spice and Wolf fan.

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15 kuukautta sitteniYuzukiiYuzuki
Hitokiri_Ace (5 kuukautta sitten) #19000953Happy birthday! :D
I hope your day is amazing, and you have fun!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!
16 kuukautta sittenKirigarouKirigarou
Hitokiri_Ace (6 kuukautta sitten) #18234900I was going to check how similar our tastes were.. but.. I can't tell from your page. haha
What do you like? :)

The Spicy Holo, gaming /travelling eating and adventures. let me know if I can add you on Steam/Discord. mine's Kirigarou#4647

I just saw you're collection of figurines and I must say I agree. I definitely agree
16 kuukautta sittenKirigarouKirigarou
I see that we have pretty similar tastes :)
17 kuukautta sittenstrikeforceagentstrikeforceagent
Hitokiri_Ace (7 kuukautta sitten) #17722379Thank you! I can't wait to celebrate by pre-ordering the Holo nendoroid! :D
What a perfect day tomorrow will be! :D

I was going to say...perfect timing!
17 kuukautta sittenmarifflemariffle
Happy birthday! Now celebrate by pre-ordering Nendoroid Holo!

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