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01 kuukautta sittenbreakericbreakeric
Yeah man! I think you should. That new Ace looks way better, you should get Nami too :3 lol I like the VAH figures a lot I just don't have any. Still hooked on scaled figures. ^^; I actually heard somewhere that the original figuarts Ace was one of the ugliest figures made xD and man from that pic I can see it LOL boy has a forehead you can park a car on xD I mean my Luffy is in the same boat, being what, almost 10 years old? I still love him though. Such a sturdy figure. He's fallen off my shelf x100 times and has never even thought about breaking. That's what I like about him :) I did lose his giant arm piece though bUT I have everything else! ^^
Are you gonna get that Ace? I also want a new fig.... but I'm moving end of July so I've been saving all of my tips and money for that. I have $500 in cash saved up from tips the past two weeks ^^ but man do I ever just wanna get some new plastic hahaha
02 kuukautta sittenbreakericbreakeric
I got a new phone bro :D so happy i don't have to use that old broken piece of scrap anymore! :D
02 kuukautta sitten (2 kuukautta sitten)breakericbreakeric
Wow apparently I own 70 figures lol that's more than I thought I would ever own!! Thinking about it I feel like I have like 20 figures but Looking around my room i can see almost all 70 lmao
02 kuukautta sittenbreakericbreakeric
Well what I tried saying was she's super hot lol full cast off man check out my two new pics
02 kuukautta sittenbreakericbreakeric
Wtf my Comment was way longer?? Sorry bro my phone is almost in usable

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