KiraYamato44KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿Destine...凜遙✿シャークベイート✿
「どうしたって譲れない夢の前で 俺たちのコタエは決まってるだろう?
わかったような顔して飲み込めるほど 無関心になんてなれやしないから」[/cen

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Anime addicted. Cosplayer. Singer. Dancer. Figure Collector. Fujoshi. (*^^)^*)チュ〜☆
From the moment I met you, the world just opened up before me. This wide, wide world that spreads out forever... I'm sure you can see it too, if you'd just lift your head and look, Haru.
SUMMER IS COMING! ETERNAL SUMMER.「けど・・・救うわれたんだ遥たちに。仲間たちに。」"MY SHINING! Iwatobi Elementary is an irreplaceable location for me. The glittering windows, the butterflies flitting about the campus. The brilliance of everything in turn causes me to shine. That is where I found it. My Shining. One day, I hope that we can fly together, then the light would..."
I'll take that cool expression of yours and make it hot.
I'll show you a sight you've never seen before.

Hajimemashite. \(○^ω^○)/

I'm a slightly obsessive Yuri!!! on Ice and Free! fan. From the moment I saw the first CM for Yuri!!! on Ice, I knew this was a series that was going to get a hold of me like another certain swimming series. And boy, am I hooked. As for Free!, I've been Raging On and Splashing Free since I was shown a sight I had never seen before. As I said, I'm slightly obsessive.
Although Yuri!!! on Ice and Free! top my list, I also collect figures from other series' or BL/Otome games.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
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