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02 vuotta sittenjoliepixeljoliepixel
Leopold (2 vuotta sitten) #2586588Hi Joliepixel
I have a question about Kancolle Musashi. Where did you pre ordered her? I have been looking for retailers but almost none of them have her in stock.

Hello! ^^

I ordered her directly from Goodsmile online store. Figure in their "Wonderful Hobby Selection" line are only sold on their official store and at some retailers that offer proxy services I think (like Nippon Yasan)? Maybe she will appear on Crunchyroll because Yamato Kai heavy armament was once offered as a deal of the day.
02 vuotta sittenTiamat26Tiamat26
Happy New-year from myself and Miku desu !!!


= )

02 vuotta sittenredxmaverickredxmaverick
Leopold (2 vuotta sitten) #2479945Hey Maverick! Plz keep me notified on any good deal for Musashi. I'm looking forward to Crunchyroll sale.
You better notify me too if you see it!
02 vuotta sitten (2 vuotta sitten)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Leopold (2 vuotta sitten) #2384695Thanks!!
Honestly I love her; she looks way better on person than on pictures. I hope your Mu-12 and Taiga makes it to you smoothly in a timely manner.
Keep me updated if anything cool around show up :)

Well theyre not even shipped :( i asked for adjustment but they take their sweet time

But im not bothered, why? Cause i ordered a lot and this way they wont all arrive at the same time :P

Mina tepes was shipped i believe 2 days ago and she was the last one i ordered xD the other ones were earlier but take long..

Well what is "cool" for you? :3 i can send you BB stuff or wishlisted items if figinstock notifies me and you got that item listed i will post it on your profile

Well thats what i thought as well :) plus it is not like youre above the fig with your nose xD from a distance she looks stunning

And no vombining mail of noel by vertex with my pangYa figure either >.> (PangYa one was confirmed but noel not yet)

Tho i kind of regret my purchase as im still more interested in the WF ver >.<
02 vuotta sittenChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Leopold (2 vuotta sitten) #2384593Chloe!! She arrived :D
(mfc link)

Whoa niiiceee shot i added it to my fav photos ^^

I cant wait for mine but they didnt even reply yet and adjust my order as I asked for SAL packages for taiga and EMs for mu-12 or if she fits SAL then SAL

Shes a damn beauty! Even if she has flaws on pics i dont think it is noticeable in resl

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