MarihMarih (눈.눈)

Welcome to my profile \(ºwº)/
Hi! My name is Mariana but you can to call me Marih ^^
I started collecting figures in 2012 but I signed up in myfigure only in 2013.
I like to drawing, animals and....figures XD
...... I don't know to tell about me
My english isn't very well but I'd be happy to talk with you, if you want to send me a FR is welcome.

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03 kuukautta sittenStarFruitStarFruit
Thanks for accepting my FR~ I love your Haru avatar. xD
08 kuukautta sittencryingtrashcryingtrash
Marih (8 kuukautta sitten) #15667188Happy Birthday \(^w^)/

Thank you so much~ :3
01 vuotta sittenDollyqueen102Dollyqueen102
Marih (1 vuotta sitten) #8955410Thanks for the FR (^w^) Thanks for accepting it ^^
01 vuotta sittenstessiestessie
Marih (1 vuotta sitten) #4926671I loved your collection too, so cute *---*

Arigato! \(*^▽^*)/
01 vuotta sittencryingtrashcryingtrash
Marih (1 vuotta sitten) #4925751Thanks for the FR! \(ºwº)/

ahhhh, thank you for accepting it~ u w u

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