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02 vuotta sittenlillyxolillyxo

I saw that you owned a RAH madoka in uniform version. May I know what price you got her for? I'm looking to adding this to my collection and just wondering how much people generally get her for. Thank you! :)
02 vuotta sittenautumnlucksautumnlucks
MoonlitxShadows (2 vuotta sitten) #2758772They are from a site called DoujinGo [ext link ] Not official products but great quality and I really like them :)

Oh wow cool thanks for the link :)
02 vuotta sittenautumnlucksautumnlucks

I was scrolling through the Sakura Nendoroid pictures and I came upon yours.

I was curious as to how you got the Cardcaptors Clow Cards :). Did you make them or did you buy them?

Thank you :)
02 vuotta sittenDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
MoonlitxShadows (2 vuotta sitten) #2733651Ya it's terrible on the wallet... and space... I am seriously running out of space to put stuff since my room isn't very big lol I can't wait for them to announce Clear nendoroid cause they have to make all the boys it will be great to get Koujaku 8DD

I'm so there with you about lack of space! While it almost feels tragic, I haven't even taken my Aoba scale out of his box yet because I'm waiting to pick up a few detolfs to display him in. I've currently got a small pile of 6 figures that are sitting and waiting for a place to put them. I should have them before the Ren scale comes out though, the next few months are sorta light on figures. Absolutely can't wait for the Koujaku nendoroid and was a little surprised that Noiz came before Koujaku and Clear. Mink will probably be the last one, of course.
02 vuotta sittenDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
You've got great taste in figures and series! DMMd, Snk, Madoka. Good stuff, just bad on the wallet. Not complaining about the upcoming Koujaku nendoroid though.

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