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Hey there, Rekka here, cosplayer and figurine collector of the northwest. =]

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Rekka (1 kuukautta sitten) #25182713Your inbox is full! But thank you for the package; everything arrived safely abd your note is so cute!!! X3 Btw my best girls are Nico and Maki (M's), and Dia, Riko and Yoshiko (probs Yoshiko as my top thooo!)

Ahhh sorry ! But thanks for letting me know(:

And nice!! Mine are Nozomi (with Maki as a close 2nd) and Hanamaru if you haven't guessed lmao. But I know you always go after those three for LL sunshine splits but I was curious who was your top :o
1 kuukautta sitten
Im sorry I didnt really notice until today but your collection is.. pretty amazing :o !!
Figure's delight ^♡^
7 kuukautta sitten
Hello Rekka !
I don't think you have been subcribed to the thread this whole time so I just come to let you know that your requests are still in thread Pic-Lil! - "Cardcaptor Sakura" Trading Strap split & the last day to confirm is the 5th for me but would be the 4th of January for you ^-^ thank you
9 kuukautta sitten
Chloe-tsundereRGBlv45 The louise otaku
Rekka (1 vuotta sitten) #12696589I didn't, she went up overnight and when I checked just now I know I wouldn't want to spend that much anyway. >~<

I see yeah she went for a pretty high price.. Was to be expected tbh.. Shes veeeery rare. I mean I got lucky back then on suru but thats the first time i saw her in all my collectors years ^^"
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Chloe-tsundereRGBlv45 The louise otaku
Rekka (1 vuotta sitten) #12603088Thanks, I bid!! :3

Did you win her? :) she went for a pretty steep price. Tho i expected that cause its such a rare plush
1 vuotta sitten
Chloe-tsundereRGBlv45 The louise otaku
Rekka (1 vuotta sitten) #12603088Thanks, I bid!! :3

Good I hope you win her :D
1 vuotta sitten
Chloe-tsundereRGBlv45 The louise otaku

Once in a lifetime chance

Louise plush on yahoo jp, 3k startbid
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Rekka (1 vuotta sitten) #9603562Heyyy your inbox is full! But I want to buy your Maki pin please!! <3 (this one! ITEM #146337) Hello! Just made room! Thank you for letting me know :) However, I sold that pin ): I do have a square pin that isn't listed on the site which I can send pics? Same as this one just different maki ITEM #195434
1 vuotta sitten
Chloe-tsundereRGBlv45 The louise otaku
Rekka (1 vuotta sitten) #9545656Oh, I'm so used to quoting. But whichever works.
Thanks for the estimate. I might give it a go since I got my paycheck early. Do you mind sending that invite you were talking about?

Yes just pm me your email then i can send you the invite :) if anything is unclear then just contact me, I can help you the best I can :)

Haha yeah I can understand thats why i mentioned it :p
1 vuotta sitten
Chloe-tsundereRGBlv45 The louise otaku
Rekka (1 vuotta sitten) #9525411Ah, no, I'm paying for some stuff coming up so I really shouldn't go for anything right now. With proxy fees and shipping to me I bet the strap would become pretty pricey. I really do appreciate it when you post stuff like this, though! (Tbh the proxy is what intimidates me, when I used one in the past it always ended up being a lot more than expected. Never done yahoo bidding though, just online shops like amazon.jp.)

You should click on the reply button as you keep posting on your own profile ^^"

Well fromjapan at least has a calculator where you can calculate beforehand. Usually in the ad it also says how much domestic shipping is so you can add that as well. Plus at checkout it shows estimation charge 1 :)
I bought mine for 600 yen excl proxy fees and yes pr ocey i think it ended up in about roughly 9-10 euros but well.. The rest of the strap set i got for such small prices (3 usd each incl shipping) that it was ok to me to spend more on lpuise to complete the set.
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