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02 vuotta sittenCorinthianCorinthian
Hello, are you still selling Kujikawa Rise Dollfie?
12 vuotta sittenRikaRika
fireeyes0723 (2 vuotta sitten) #2636758Just received Madoka today. Love her! Thanks very much!
Thank you I'm happy you love her!
12 vuotta sittenfireeyes0723fireeyes0723
Just received Madoka today. Love her! Thanks very much!
22 vuotta sittenCinnamintCinnamint
+1 Rep. Great Seller.

Recently made a Figma purchase from user. Came in good condition, with box. Provides tracking number, accurate shipment cost, and easy payment method. Very responsive to questions and provides extra pictures on request.
02 vuotta sittenSusaMagRosaSusaMagRosa
you sell them still?
and how much is the shipping to Germany?
I have interest

item #87166

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