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SB-129 (3 kuukautta sitten) #23187835Should be "Jaleco" since that's the name of the company that made the games. Is it possible you have bootlegs?

Oh! :O I have changed it!

I can't imagine mine would be bootlegs as they look the exact same as the ones on the website and I got them from Suruga-ya. Still it's a bit strange. I'm annoyed that it's not that easy to find more info about these items. :/
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SB-129 (3 kuukautta sitten) #23083375The keychains have "Jaleco" molded into their backs, so that's probably enough to put for a company. They'd be the publisher.

Wow, thank you for coming back to me after all this time! Your comment made me re-check my own keychains and they have 'Djaleco' (other way of writing the name? or a mistake from translating Japanese to Western lettering?) on their back. Enough for an entry in the database indeed, although quite minimal!

I have added them to the database if you want to put them on wished/owned lists:

item #595899

item #595903

item #595905

item #595906

item #595908

item #595909

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SB-129 (1 vuotta sitten) #14169048No problem. And just so you know, the Suchie-Pai Museum is back online.

Thanks for letting me know! I hope the site gets updates someday regarding the keychains I want to add to the database! >.<
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SB-129 (1 vuotta sitten) #12799832I've also had some limited success by searching for Japanese terms. Like "アイドル雀士スーチーパイ" ("Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai") plus "フィギュア" ("figure").

Yeah I tried that too for my keychains, but no succes. :( Also went through Suruga-ya sold items and a lot of other sale websites that keep a big database of previously sold items.

But thanks for the help! ^^
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SB-129 (1 vuotta sitten) #12668419I used the Suchie-Pai Museum, but apparently the website no longer exists as of this month. It was there just a couple weeks ago, but now it's not. It's archived here:
[ext link ]

Thank you for the link! I was already aware of that site, I think it's the most complete information we can find online about Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai.

Too bad the site got removed. The keychains I am talking about are also listed on that site, but no information about manufacturer or type of release. *sigh*

This will stay a mystery item I think. xD Thanks for the reply! ^^

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