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Been collecting for 9 or so years now. I mostly collect from series in my interest or figures I just really think look nice. I got a huge love for Kitsune and Miko...I need to collect all of the figures of it! I collect mostly scaled PVC's as I have a slight hate for nendoroids and figmas...However if I REALLY love the character I might go for them.

I sell various things at [ext link ] as well, lots of cute custom stuff. Everything is commissioned by myself, artist has been paid their commission rate as well as receiving a nice royalty for each thing sold~

I write all kinds of random stuff at my blog, Kitsune no Sekai so do take a look! We could become friends after all. I am also an active Twitter user as @CyshieTan

I am the translator of the Norwegian version of MFC, so notify me if you see any mistakes.

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01 kuukautta sittenTeh_KiwiTeh_Kiwi
Sorry for late reply, but how much are you wanting for her?
Shashi (3 kuukautta sitten) #23309084I took one now. I have actually not tried cleaning it away, it might be possible. The outfit is a bit dirty but that can be cleaned.
[ext link ]
03 kuukautta sittenTeh_KiwiTeh_Kiwi
Shashi (3 kuukautta sitten) #23254839In regards to the Caster doll, some information in case I end up wanting to sell it:
It does have some black spots on the breasts, coloring from the outfit. Also how much would you be willing to give for it depending on the two following conditions;
With box
Without box
Just so I know if it is worth selling or not~ She has gotten a bit dusty, unfortunately but I will of course do my best to get rid of all of that in the case I wanna sell her.
do you have any photos i can check out to see doll and the stain?
03 vuotta sittenagcpicturesagcpictures
happy birthday!
03 vuotta sittenDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
04 vuotta sittenagcpicturesagcpictures
happy belated, hope you are well!
04 vuotta sittenHikari_KanaHikari_Kana
Happy birthday! c:
04 vuotta sittenKakashi-tanKakashi-tan
Shashi (4 vuotta sitten) #1606310Hurry up treging. :C

Legg heller til meg, for mange med "shashi" i navnet sitt. Mitt er "kakatouma"
04 vuotta sittenKakashi-tanKakashi-tan
Shashi (4 vuotta sitten) #1606267Ble ikke spurt som de sa at ConSec skulle bli. Du får legge meg til på Skype så blir det enklere å kommunisere.

Haha, jeg var logistikk i år og kommer til å fortsette å være det :3 Hva kaller du deg på skype? Shashi der også?
04 vuotta sittenKakashi-tanKakashi-tan
Shashi (4 vuotta sitten) #1583847Får kose deg på Desu. :D
Omg, så ikke meldinga din før nå xD men jeg koste meg kjempemasse :D savna deg litt da.
05 vuotta sittenDe-JaYDe-JaY Teitoku
Shashi (5 vuotta sitten) #1131366Happy birthday to ya~

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