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011 kuukautta sittennanidossnanidoss
Happy belated birthday, Shizuka!
Hope you enjoyed it! :)
011 kuukautta sitten (11 kuukautta sitten)HaredoHaredo
Happy Birthday ..
011 kuukautta sittenTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Shizuka (11 kuukautta sitten) #13025619Hey~ I'm here to let you know that the tapestry that you asked me about is on yahoo auction for 5000JPY ^^ [ext link ]
Ah thank you so much for this \o/ I do appreciate your help. Sadly, with proxy fees and all, this is a little bit more that I want to put in a tapestry, cause I know I'm probably never gonna display it lol.
011 kuukautta sitten (11 kuukautta sitten)TakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Shizuka (11 kuukautta sitten) #12920805yes also the two other sets. And these tapestries item #452933 item #452931 item #452929
Edit: wait there's more item #452918 item #452926 item #452925 item #452920 item #452923 item #452921
Sorry and thank you for the help ^^

No problem! Sorry for the wait, everything has now been drafted. Feel free to ask if there's something more! It's cool to see these ToF merch getting wider releases :D
Since you seem to know quite a bunch of stuff about this kind of Tales merch, do you per chance happen to know if item #322218 ever got another release? I'd love to own that tapestry.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you don't need to undraft them if you think some info will be available later on for sure, such as a more precise release date or a JAN code ;-)
011 kuukautta sitten (11 kuukautta sitten)TakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Shizuka (11 kuukautta sitten) #12919487Hello! I just wanted to ask you, is there any way to edit these entries? item #452942 because these key chains are getting standard release, but I can't edit them ^^"
Hi there :D
Thank you for your help, as ever :) I drafted the whole set for you, so you're now free to edit them: encyclopedia #108449
Feel free to make the changes you see fit. Please just undraft them when you're done ;-) (there is a "draft" box to untick at the very bottom of any edit page).

Edit: did you mean the two other sets as well? I can draft them too if needed.

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