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Hi there, I'm Sykic. I'd regard myself as a hobbyist collector, as much as I'd love to have all the figures on my Wishlist, I'd have no room for them (Nor the money :D).

That being said, I love the detail that goes into figures and enjoy displaying the ones I have.

I've been abroad to Japan once now, hopefully longer in future to see the sights again and attend some conventions.

Feel free to add or message me. I'm not online much but happy to chat whenever I am!

I may begin to write some reviews about the figures I have and might put up some of my own figure work from ZBrush ^^

Must. Learn. To play. This.Learnt how to play it :D
Really enjoyed Katawa Shoujo - Brilliant Story and Music

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Sykic (4 vuotta sitten) #1511664Apart from the ones on my wish list, definitely item #78577
Now to find the money for it :P

oh mami-san
she really rare in store now,plus the price too :(
hope you able find her with decent price >v<
this one not bad, only the price not friendly
item #128842
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Sykic (4 vuotta sitten) #1511643That would be amazing to have!
And thank you for accepting :) Always nice to have people to talk to

yes, this homura design really beautiful, i'm really hope gsc want make the prototype :D
[ext link ]
hhmmm any good figures catch you interest so far?

you're welcome too~
sure, i'm really happy as well can talk with many people
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Sykic (4 vuotta sitten) #1510966I think Mami and Homura had to be my favourites. Both were actually caring and gentle but had a hidden undertone about them, that's what I think sold them to me :D
I'll have to take a look at GSC figures, They all look so detailed.

yes, they are but in my opinion homura was the one who bearing all the pain :(
yup, all gsc figures really amazing
i can't wait gsc make this ver of homura :3
item #155014

also thanks for the FR as well :D
it's nice to know you
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Sykic (4 vuotta sitten) #1510948Ofc - The unexpected dark story just made it an instant like :D
I just need to find Homura :3

me too the story really touching, i like it very much
oh you like homura...? she is my favorite character, her personality really amazed me, she is cold but really kind
can't wait watch the movie

hope you can find nendo homura soon :D
btw homura scale figure from gsc look really nice too
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Sykic (4 vuotta sitten) #1510933Tyvm :)

you're welcome ~
i noticed you like mahou shoujou madoka :D

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