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I am a long time gamer who has a particular passion and obsession for oldschool Survival Horror.
My favorite video game being Resident Evil REmake and Resident Evil 2 being my second favorite.
Of course I don't limit myself only to that series.

I'm a big shounen fan. That genre tends to get me the most hyped.
I also like seinen and the occasional 2deep5me stuff.
Some of my favorite series are Eyeshield 21, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hunter x Hunter,
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Kuroshitsuji, Berserk, Ergo Proxy,
Mob Psycho, Godchild, and Yu Yu Hakusho.
I like plenty more though. Some casually, some not casually.

Some of my favorite characters of all time are from series that aren't per say in my top 10. #1 Shinsou Hitoshi and Eustass Kid fan.

I enjoy collecting figures but I am picky and most of the ones I really want don't exist

MyAnimeList lists any other anime taste related info about myself.

I want to get rid of all the Magi merch I have since I lost all interest in the series.
Want them? Message me and let's talk.

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12 kuukautta sittenbeachdraculabeachdracula
TraumaticSherry (2 kuukautta sitten) #22352349MOBBbUu

02 kuukautta sittenMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (2 kuukautta sitten) #22194747I can feel you on that. I didn't get anything from my family this year haha ; V ; Except my adopted sister I supposee. A WATER BOTTLE THOUGHHHHHHHHHH?

Yeah, it was one of those that has a spout folded inside it so you can push a button and it pops up, and you don't have to unscrew anything to drink. I think they like getting me things that I'd use on a regular basis, so that's why they picked that. My little brother's gift to me came in a couple days late, but it was an afterglow controller for my PC so we can play multiplayer again, so that was cool.
02 kuukautta sittenMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (2 kuukautta sitten) #22068418SORRY FOR BEING LATE BUT HAPPY BDAY!

That's ok, we celebrated it today anyway! Thank you very much! How was yours by the way?
02 kuukautta sittenRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
Happy birthday :)
02 kuukautta sittenAsagoeAsagoe Mad Magician ✨
Happy Birthday, best wishes ✿

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Favorite figure of all time:
Eustass Kid POP Maximum

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