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Tzippurah (10 kuukautta sitten) #15146932I haven't built any of the Billy kits myself, but they look fun and its hard to believe they are just paper. If I ever splash out on a kit, it's probably going to be 製本工房 アトリエ・リトルフラッグ (Atelier Little Flag), [ext link ]. That's their website that shows how you can put together their modular kits.

sorry for the late reply! That website looks amazing, by the way. I bookmarked it. Would you need to use a buying service to get these kits, or do they accept overseas buyers?

By the way, I absolutely love your profile picture. That chicken is adorable hehehe.

Buy any good re-ments since the last time we talked? I went berzerk because I went to the mall a few days ago and actually saw a few rement blind boxes. I didn't buy any because they are so overpriced, but it took a lot of effort to put them back down, haha. Never thought I'd see a re-ment box at my mall since I live in an area where that sort of thing isn't common.
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Tzippurah (11 kuukautta sitten) #14836291This the Re-ment community on Flickr, [ext link ], probabaly the most active. We also have a Facebook group of the same name- people mostlyuse that for trading and selling since Flickr bans that.
I like the 80s Re-ment set, it's a little less detailed than the early Rement, but it still has a lot of charm. My favorite pieces were the TV with its changeable shows behind the screen, the VHS tape, and the cigarettes and lighter. It makes me sound like an old man, I know.

thanks! i might set up a flikr so i can join that community. i joined the FB one as well.

i had no idea the TV had changable pieces!! that's so cool. it takes a lot of stregnth for me to not buy that whole set in one go. i love the look of just older japan. have you ever seen the Billy Handmade Kits? I have been dreaming of getting at least the takoyaki one , but in an ideal life i would have all of them. here's the billy handmade kits. ive been obsessing over them for years, but still have yet to get one: [ext link ]

im not sure, but maybe they might go well with some traditional japanese re-ment series. what do you think is your favorite re-ment? also thanks for linking me to that community as well!
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i would definitely love to see your setup! i didnt know there was a re-ment addicts community ;w; i definitely want to join it! you should send me a link ^-^
but i totally agree. i love japanese traditional homes so much!
i was curious, what do you think of this set of re-ment? (mfc link)
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wow! i love your collection so much. i saw your post in the Re-Ment club, but i couldnt answer your question, but i saw you also love traditional Japanese re-ment, which i also LOVE! i looked at your collection and it looks great ^-^
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Dropping in to welcome you to MFC. I hope your time here will be great and that you find that the community and resources are all to your liking. There are many ways to express yourself here including blogs, personalizing your profile and just adding comments to peoples profile.

Enjoy and have fun

= )


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