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Collecting figures since a couple of years, mostly TM&Fate-series figures related
Cosplayer during free time (you can check my cosplay photos here, if you wish [ext link ] )

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01 kuukautta sittenshilkashilka
V_Redgrave (1 kuukautta sitten) #25978653Happy birthday!
Thank you
01 kuukautta sittenAlminaAlmina
Happy Birthday!
01 kuukautta sittenshilkashilka
Happy birthday
01 kuukautta sittenFate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
Happy B-Day buddy! hope this year has been good to ya!
07 kuukautta sitten (7 kuukautta sitten)Fate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
V_Redgrave (7 kuukautta sitten) #18498351Thanks for the kind offer, but I want to try to custom it by myselfOkay that's cool just let me know if you need help buddy. :>

I hope you will post pics of it when you are done!

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