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*My gaming ****posts. These aren't mine but rather just amusing clips from video games. Want a break from obtaining your CMRS? Take a breather.*

[ext link ] (The calibration deal was real)
[ext link ] (Studying hard is it's own reward)
[ext link ] (Just lucky)
[ext link ] (Best way to lose your tenure)
[ext link ] (A very fast frog)

Vilseriol! I'm a casual collector who started off with Figma Yukiko and my collection has snowballed from there. Most of my collection consists of articulated figures. I'm not a huge fan of statues but I'm slowly gaining interest in them. Price, likeness, and style are important qualities. I'm not as impulsive to buy them due to their more expensive prices.

I used to collect model kits, particularly cars and planes by Tamiya. Not anymore though. I don't think I have the same interest now that I'm older, but who know? Maybe I'll get that ONE model kit that sparks my passion again.

Figma is my mainstay but I also have other brands such as Real Action Heroes and SH Figurarts. I like Figma because they're one of the best looking figures out there, in my opinion. Their smooth paint and clean presentation are what wins me over. I just wish they were less expensive or at least come with more accessories.

Nendoroids are okay. They're very cute but I'm not a fan of their chibi style. Not to harp on the brand, but I love how tiny they are but the boxes that they come in are as big as Figma boxes.

Figure wishlist:
-Real Action Heroes figure of Hana Isuzu.

-A 1/7 scale Of Nero Claudius with a smug grin while brandishing Aestus Estes in a pose that's not obscuring her face, accompanied by a rose motif base.

-Figma: Kloe Rinz, Elie MacDowell, Laura S. Arseid, Sara Valestein, Agate Crosner, Oliver Lenheim, Elliot Craig and
Adol Christin. I demand more Falcom stuff. Also, the Fault Milestone girls (including Melano)

-Hot Toys: Dante Sparda and Rebecca Chambers.

-Nendoroid: Vert/Green Heart, Laura S. Arseid, Kloe Rinz, Tita Russell and Koha from Momodora.

-Scale statue: Vert/Green Heart, Melano, Richter Belmont, Soma Cruz, Shanoa Rixia Mao and Adam Jensen.

-Beach Queens: Sara Valestein, Kloe Rinz and Laura S. Arseid (I know BQ's are considered scales, but this brand is a bit more specific with the style.)

What's a guy got to do to get a scale of an anime muscular guy (preferably not a bishounen) showing off his body, Rennaisance style? No, I'm a straight guy. Yes, I have muscle envy lol I just appreciate a good body, both guy and girl you know?

And yes, just about any figure of Laura S. Arseid is an instant-buy. How could you not like a valkyrian blue haired beauty who is trust worthy, strong, dependable, and has the ability to malfunction any piece of technology that seemingly came from the decade of 1990 and beyond? BTW, it sucks being an international fan of Legend of Heroes. Not only is Trails of Zero and Azure locked in Asia, but everyone in the rest of the world besides Japan has to wait for years before it gets localized in English.

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028 päivää sittenTupTubTupTub
I don't think so, I don't like her figma version.
Valestein3 (28 päivää sitten) #21645235I see. Are you getting the Figma? Just wondering.
01 kuukautta sittenTupTubTupTub
I do have nendoroid and Aniplex 1/7 scale version of her but I don't have figma :)
Valestein3 (1 kuukautta sitten) #21236697TupTub, I see you like Shielder. Are you getting the Nendoroid and or Figma of her?
01 kuukautta sittenCybogirlCybogirl
Valestein3 (1 kuukautta sitten) #20621371Happy May Day! Enjoy the hundredth something anniversary since Great Britain was formed when Scotland joined the UK.
Thanks, you too!
02 kuukautta sittenCybogirlCybogirl
Valestein3 (2 kuukautta sitten) #20211313Oi! I know you! You're that Cybogirl that everyone's talking about. You're like Cybergirl with a bit more Cybo. You know-
I'm just messing around lol Hey, Cybo.

Haha, I like it! Nice to meet you!
02 kuukautta sittenvietsamuraivietsamurai
hello, your inbox is full. Also, which saber extra are you interested in, the nendo or the figure one? thank you

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