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Hmmm let's see i'm 28 years old now started watching anime as long as I can remember so back in the late 80's would be where I started my addiction. Back in that day it was extremely hard to find anime anywhere since there was only a very few low budget companies that where subbing them and bringing them over to the USA. I was lucky though my father owned a comic book store when I was a kid and he would stock a lot of anime and used video games, so I got all my anime from his store. As for figure collecting back in the 90's the only place to buy anime figures where in catalogs where you had to call them give the iteam number of what you wanted and then you had to send them a money order, many moons later you would get what you ordered. But this was not an option for me no way in hell would my parents buy me a figure of a sexy big busted woman, so I started my figure collection back in 2005 buying a figure of my favorite female character of all time the alter 1/8 xenosaga kos-mos figure. Since the moment she arrived at my door I knew I was addicted to figure collecting and I wanted more many more!

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02 kuukautta sittenZarathustraZarathustra
Lily51 (2 kuukautta sitten) #23727117Hello! I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! Enjoy your special day ^_^moonlitsaki (2 kuukautta sitten) #23739819Happy birthday!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day! <3 Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone ^_^
02 kuukautta sittenmoonlitsakimoonlitsaki
Happy birthday!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day! <3
02 kuukautta sittenLily51Lily51
Hello! I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! Enjoy your special day ^_^
011 kuukautta sittenMoekerMoeker
Your inbox is full, are you still searching for the spica figure? send me a PM
01 vuotta sittenskythnir2501skythnir2501
Happy Belated Birthday!

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