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I am thrice great.
Also known as Emily.




I am 26 years old and from the U.K.
My partner and I try to collect things from the video-game series which we really love such as Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Atelier and everything Vanillaware!
At the moment, I'm personally taking a step back from active figure collecting since I finally acquired my very own holy grail, the very lovely Kotobukiya Rikku figure, who is now one of the stars of our combined collection. Although, one day I would love to own the Max Factory Catherine but it isn't pressing desire due to the lack of space for her.

Apart from figures, I also enjoy collecting and playing videogames. I own a PS4, PS Vita, 3DS and WiiU (although I cannot remember the last time I turned it on, let alone played something on it..) My favourite videogames are Final Fantasy X and Odin Sphere, honourable mentions go to the recent Fire Emblem titles (Awakening and Fates) for both fun gameplay and wonderful waifus.
I have set myself a goal this year of finishing up a few of my various unfinished games and attempting to hit 50 platinum trophies, as I am trying to play catchup to my partner's 100+! I also have the goal of attempting to knock a few games off of my backlog, here's hoping that I attain it by the end of December!

Aside from collecting figures and videogames, I also like to collect and use cute keyrings though I do need to sort through my vast collection and thin it somewhat! I also adore plushies though I do not have the room to accommodate the sheer amount I'd love to one day own.

Apart from MFC, I also have a Twitter account - it is however private but if you wish to add me, feel free.
My Twitter profile is here, @EmiPlays_



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