catfairycatfairy Shinji Aragaki~<3


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01 kuukautta sittenazusamukamiazusamukami
Thanks for accepting my friends request~!
01 kuukautta sittenKnubbepwnKnubbepwn
wow i am late on this my appologies yes i live in the usa and most arrived unbroken , except my sonico which is now stuck in refund hell no money no figured she arrived cracked chest. 2nd one is up for sale she was force cast off. I am willing to sell pochaco.catfairy (2 vuotta sitten) #3138754Do you live in the USA? I was wondering because you own a few big poly resin figure or resin. I want to buy the Pochaco one from NY or AmiAmi. Did yours break? I am a little hesitant on this haha ._. your response would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. Nice collection too!! You have some of the best girls there!!
02 kuukautta sittenVamppyVamppy
02 kuukautta sittenAzaizerAzaizer
Have a great time on your special day!
02 kuukautta sittenerza1erza1
Happy birthday,Have an awesome day and hope you get spoilt with sexy girls

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