cookie_on_firecookie_on_fire Once again eagerly awaiting more KanColle Nendoroid releases.


A big gamer. Life is too short for games AND other stuff, so I focus most of my (free time in) life playing games in Japanese.

Currently not really buying many figures anymore, just putting down lots of preorders :p

Favorite figure makers are Alter and Good Smile Company. /generic tastes

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08 päivää sittenSaeki_ToukaSaeki_Touka
Monday would be the day but thank you very much!!! :) Once again, I'm feeling old! T^T

How's life treating you lately? :)
08 kuukautta sittenLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
Your Kantai Collection has truly inspired me to keep a close eye on the Touken Ranbu series
(mfc link)
010 kuukautta sittenSaeki_ToukaSaeki_Touka
You are getting old fast! Please hang in there... you still have a long way to go! (kidding) :p

I hope you'll enjoy every last ounce of fun today! Perhaps you should tell your coworkers to buy you some Nendoroids as birthday presents! XD
010 kuukautta sittenAzaizerAzaizer
cookie_on_fire (47 vuotta sitten)Haha, that image made me chuckle a bit :P
Thank you! (Although you're a day early lol)
What? A day early you say? Blame MFC! It said TODAY was your bday! Maybe different time zones? I dunno! Oh well! Better early than late? =D
010 kuukautta sitten (10 kuukautta sitten)AzaizerAzaizer
HAPPY BIRTHMAS MS COOKIE ON FIRE!!! Hope you have a good one on your special day and get spoiled with lots and lots of presents and figures and flaming cookies and junk and stuff!! =D

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