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010 päivää sittenRikodouRikodou
PM Sent for Hashirama
02 kuukautta sittenCakagiCakagi
Me too,go for MF ones. Hope that they will make other characters.littleblack (2 kuukautta sitten) #19647319Prime1 really knows what berserk fans want lol,looks like they will make a statue for all the significant characters for berserk (Schierke,guts and his armor form, femto and griffin,zodd human &demon, skull knight and maybe more will be announced in the future?)
(mfc link)
let' see how the line goes, but I think I would still go for Max's one because I already have guts and pretty appreciate the sculpt.
I have a feeling my wallet would never survive XD
02 kuukautta sittenCakagiCakagi
Prime1 announced a Femto statue(Item #564934)
What do you think about it?
07 kuukautta sittenAliceV134AliceV134
Just pmed you about item #95733
How much will the shipping cost from ur place to CA,92683.

Thank you
08 kuukautta sittenbrit-tan-iibrit-tan-ii
Hey, seems like tour inbox is full, let me know when you've freed up a bit of space so I can send you my contact no. (:

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