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Hi @anyone who's reading this and thanks for taking your time for me!

About myself:

I'm Vietnamese and have been living in Switzerland for all my life.
Occupationwise I'm currently in education to become a programmer.

As for my hobbies, I'm just your typical otaku with lots of waifu in his fantasy harem.
In my free time I love to watch anime/read manga/light novels or just play some games.
Recently, I've also found myself indulged in collecting figurines and especially dakimakura, finding myself drown between lots of waifu in my bed!

Sometimes I'm also just a lonely guy with a deep love for anything anime/manga related, so if you feel like it, feel free to just PM me and we can talk about the latest series, your secret fetishes or whatever seems fun :)

Guess that's it about me and remember to not talk shit about my waifu or get out of my laifu... or something xD


Here's a link to my anime/manga list:
Rap, J-Pop, Anime-Songs

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wahhh so many daki
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Madaonaire bought my Senjougahara Hitagi GSC figure all the way from Malaysia and made prompt payment through paypal. Reliable buyer!
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Roboko (=^ ◡ ^=)
madaonaire (1 vuotta sitten) #10224234Happy birthday, Robo girl!

thank you very much ^w^
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madaonaire (1 vuotta sitten) #6302131Oh, one from Oda Nobuna and Moka! Also looking for her^^
I know that it damages the case a little if not washed carefully, but it's a waste not hugging them since it makes your sleeping experience so much better :)
Also if it's only for display, then 2WT might really be better, because it's supposedly more durable^^

After reading your reply I went hunting of Mandrake to see if I could find the other General I love from Oda Nobuna but alas after going through 66 pages of Daki's that they have she was not there. Actually there were not a lot of characters that I recognized at all.

The Moka one I have was a lucky break she was listed as Back ordered on Ami Ami Not sure how long it was there on back order but I decided to just go ahead and place it in my cart. After 2 weeks I got an e-mail saying that they had secured me one and a few weeks later I had my first Daki.

I try and spot items on Mandrake as they are all authentic items. Reproductions is something that I try and stay away from unless I am duped. Like my first figurine ever ( Moka Akashiya Awakened version . I knew nothing about figurine collecting and never understood why some were $ 150 and thee others on E-BAy were $20.00 I got duped. Now I know better.

= )


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madaonaire (1 vuotta sitten) #6302059You might laugh, but I only have 3! pillows :P At the moment I just kinda rotate through my covers...
As for the materials, I do have some non-licensed ones with peach skin and 2WT as well, but I mostly buy the original released ones with Smooth knit.
The materials I prefer are some Polyester/Polyurethane stuff (no clue what exactly it is ^^) and also 2WT.
I have some covers which are supposedly 4WT and they feel heavenly :P
One thing about 2WT's is that they differ from each other a lot. The ones from bootleggers such as animedakimakurapillow.com don't feel nearly as good as the ones made from Japanese manufacturers.
Are the US prices for pillows high? I ordered mine from some Japan.

Nice to know I am not the only one with 3 pillows lol. As for the pillows themselves mine were cheep so that I could just use them as displays. I never slept with a pillow like that as I do not want to damage them the casing. I only have 2WT as I was told it's the best so I cannot compare the materials.

here is a pick of what I called my little harem. NSFW but as you have daki's I am sure you know what to expect.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Tiamat261412555450.jpeg

Always where I can see them.

= )

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madaonaire (1 vuotta sitten) #6302034Hehe, thank you! I don't display them (yet), I only hug them :P Some people do display them by hanging them on the door or wherever, but somehow I do find that idea kind of weird for myself^^
Great to see another dakimakura lover, hopefully we can exchange good advices as where to get cerain ones in the future!

Ah as you hug them then I am sure that you have pillows for them. Well at least one pillow. I have 4 Daki's and 3 pillows. The pillows are hard to find in Canada. The sure out of the US where I got the first 3 wom't ship outside the states and with the Canadian $ being what it is compared to the US green back forget about getting another pillow for the moment.

How many pillows do you have?

Did you buy two way tricot or the standard peach skin for your daki's?

= )

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That is an impressive Daki collection. Did you just leave them in their original wrappers?

Me I took mine out and displayed them. If you display yours how do you do it?

= )

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Welcome to the board madaonaire! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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PVC anime figure store.



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