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the name's maxwell and i love anime figures more than i love anime itself. i'm gonna be a real famous animator someday but for now i'm just here burning my money and goofing off.

MY BEST GIRLS ARE AS FOLLOWS: the hot coach from oofuri, the dragon maid from dragon maid, and PANTY ANARCHY MY FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

also i love cartoon network and i would kill and/or die to protect my son clarence wendell

(mako is the only good character in kill la kill)

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01 kuukautta sittentacholatachola loves you!!
"the hot coach from oofuri" lmfao good taste
02 kuukautta sitten (2 kuukautta sitten)ChibiZeeChibiZee
Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)
Love your Panty and stocking collection~
yoshinari is one my favorite artists too~
Please checkout our discord group in your spare time.


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